Sad and Sadder with Roy Kim and That Guy From Answer Me

Posted by Stephanie on August 7, 2015

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Throughout KCon there were several times that the people who were scheduled as performers and special guests were trotted out amongst the crowd–whether to perform little bits, have an impromptu fan meet, or to just promote in general.

While I missed most of them–really these things are all a matter of timing and luck, I did manage to catch two of them one which made me a little sad and the other made me totally cry–you know in a completely good way.20150801_144146

First up was Sun Ho Jun or, as I called him, “You know, that guy from Answer Me 1994“. It happened as it usually happens at KCON. There was a furor at a booth, everyone asks “What’s happening? What’s happening? Do you know who’s there?” a huge crowd gathers, phone videos at the ready, in anticipation for whoever it was who had something remotely to do with Korean entertainment to arrive.


The crowd was so big that I actually couldn’t see what was going on and figured we were waiting for him to arrive. People would ask who it was, I’d give them the  name and the show qualifier and then tell them he hadn’t arrived yet. A good 5 minutes later, someone else in the crowd told me that not only was he there, he’d actually been there the whole time, sitting down.


Immediately going into aggressive stalker mode, I pushed through and held up my camera. Sure enough there he was. Here’s the thing though–he did not seem at all pleased to be there.  Not that he was rude or anything, he just seemed…uncomfortable? Maybe he’s not a crowd person.


Then there was the one point where the lady running the booth had everyone scream, and then scream louder to show just how much we loved him, and he literally cringed. Yeah lady, way to read the room.


I actually felt a little bad for him the poor guy. But I’ve seen him, I have photographic proof, I’m officially counting it good.

But he’s not the one who made me cry. Let’s move on.


Still wandering around with Amy and Jacqueline, the crowd started buzzing with the frantic whispers, “Roy Kim is coming, Roy Kim is coming.” I’m not sure if you are aware of this, I am a giant Roy Kim fan. I’m no fly by night, just because he was there, I’ve decided to like him girl. I was an instant fan from the first time he took the stage at the MAMA’s.


So needless to say, I instantly abandoned Jacqueline (who was lovely enough to hold my chair for me, allowing me to not piss people around me off, and more importantly, allowing me to get just that much closer) and joined the squeeling crowds.

He came out and was super self-deprecating, incredibly nice and humble. I came out a much bigger fan than I left and I went in a pretty big fan. (So when you coming out with new music already, man??)


You’re asking where the crying comes in, right? I’m getting there, hold your horses. Though he was performing that night, he sat there and sang us two songs one was Love, Love, Love off his first (and only?) CD. Then he sang an English song by Damien Rice called The Blower’s Daughter. That’s where it went horribly wrong for me. Here’s the thing. I love Damien Rice’s music, there was a time that it was super important for me and having Roy Kim, a Korean artist, sing one of my favorite songs, was one of those moments where you remember that there are other songs out there to listen to.


Anywhoo, whatever it was, it was beautiful and I cried. Full on weepy. There was a moment where I actually thought someone heard me cry and, while I was horribly embarrassed, I COULDN’T STOP.

Yep, lame-o party of me, lame-o, party of me.

Don’t know the song? Check it out here:

Beautiful, right? Did you cry? No? I understand.


  • Reply istina42 August 7, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    He covers Damien Rice a lot.

    In case you don’t already have these links:

    Amie: and

    Delicate: and

    The Professor:

    The Greatest Bastard:


    9 Crimes:

    There’s half a million versions of him singing Volcano, but here are two I like: and

    Older Chests:

    The Blower’s Daughter:

    Yeah, I kinda like him. 😉

    • Reply Stephanie August 9, 2015 at 11:51 pm

      GAH!!! Thanks for the info, looks like I’ve got lots and lots to catch up on. (YAY!!!)

  • Reply DBChen August 27, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    Aw, poor So Hun Jun. He’s currently in Mrs. Cop. Good to know he’s a cute in person as on screen. Well, you know what I mean.

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