Musical Monday: The Oddball Edition

Posted by Stephanie on August 10, 2015



I’ve been gone so long, and with time spent at the pinnacle of Korean Music, this Musical Monday is particularly hard. Why? We have soooo much to choose from! And so many of my favorites? How’s a girl to chose? We have a little B1A4 comeback, a new appreciation of Got7 to appreciate, BigBang, GD & TOP, basically a little of everything. I thought of doing one post that covers it all, but that’s 1) greedy, 2) too much work (as I finally have to get back to real life work) and 3) now I have lots of Musical Monday’s lined up. 

I decided on the one which will make Cherry Cordial happy. Shinee’s Married to the Music. As I’ve mentioned before, as of late I’m a Key fan from Shinee. Now, I kept thinking that I wasn’t a Shinee fan, but looking back, I actually do like them–they just aren’t a band I generally pay much attention to.

While we were gone, Married to the Music was released and, just like Key, the song and music video is odd and delightfully offbeat. I’m not sure where they came up with the concept of the video, but holy smokes what fun! It’s like Shinee does Rocky Horror. The song itself is catchy and if you don’t watch out you’ll find yourself singing that damn chorus “Married to the music” over and over and over again.

So says the voice of experience.

As Shinee is known as a really talented dance group, I can’t wait for the dance version to come out–it is going to be exceptional. Also the upside of this new music coming out? This means lots of new Key promotional things coming out! Woot! (Although Cherry has informed me that under no circumstances is Key allowed to be my bias within the band–however, I’d like to see her try to stop me…)

Shinee, Married to the Music


  • Reply A.J. Superduper (@Jo_Ae_Jae88) August 10, 2015 at 10:49 pm

    I will forever hold on to the illusion that SHINee walks into parties in a perfectly straight line carrying Jonghyun.

    • Reply Stephanie August 11, 2015 at 8:36 pm

      GAH!! And now thanks to you, so do I!!

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