KCon Concertapalooza Night One Part One

Posted by Stephanie on August 12, 2015



…..because I took waaaay too many pictures of Heechul to fit all this music into one post. Heechul, Heechul, Heechul.

Did I mention I was in the same room as Heechul? Who, I might have to finally cave in and announce he just might be my real Super Junior bias? Just don’t tell Eunhyuk. Or actually…tell Eunhyuk. He needs to know the consequences of seemly taking his shirt off at every concert under the sun except mine.

But that’s for part 2. 

This was the concert I’d been waiting for–way to load all my favorites of the line up in one night, Kcon! (Well, with the exception of Block B.) The lines to concert were so long and winding, most people had no idea what they were standing in line for. Compared to last year, this Kcon was so much more organized, it made for an infinitely better experience–with the exception of the concert lines. Last year, there were all sorts of meat-headed guys yelling at you to be in the right line.

I’ll give you one heads up about having to be in the wheelchair though, when we were able to find employees to find out where we needed to go, he walked us through a special entrance. Cherry Cordial and the Mystical Being got in line before Molly and I (we had tickets in different areas), and we were in our seats before them. Once we got into the area, and the employees took over, it was a really smooth process, with them escorting us to guest services, walking us to our seats, and then taking the g-dragon chair away.

We’d chosen to upgrade our tickets to P2 seated, which were fairly amazing. Best thing about seated seats? A lack of fan signs. Let me tell you, seated might be less exciting than being in the pits with the hordes, but I’ll take that over not being actually able to see any of the concert you’ve paid prime money for.

The concert warmed up with some classic Korean drummers (I’m sure there is a name to them, but I just don’t know what that would be) and then the real opening was Jun Sung Ahn who opened last year too, with his kpop violin-ing. This year he did a rendition of Loser from BigBang which was, of course, freaking awesome. And then he put the violin away and did a kpop dance to Sistar’s Shake It. Yeah. He’s adorable. Molly leaned over and whispered (actually more shouted because it was really loud in there) that he reminded her of Mick from Love Sick. Which means I now see that, and now I think he is even more adorable. For some reason, I did not take any video or photos, so here is a video of his from Youtube.

Too soon he was ushered off the stage and the big concert began. Are you ready for the main event??

The night was kicked off with a guest appearance by the always very chiseled, Daniel Henney.


He did a brief introduction to the night introducing the unfortunate tag line which ended with the word feelz. For real. They wanted us to cheer to feelz. Which just seemed silly. He quickly left the stage and we got onto what we were there for, you know, music.

First up, Monsta X.


I never actually listened to Monsta X. Like ever. Which means I did not do my research before this, which means I was a bad Kcon attendee.


Bad girl, bad!


Surprisingly, the guys were a lot of fun. The songs were fast and the dances intricate.


I’ll probably give them a listen later to see if I really like them or if it was just the live music glow.


After they ended, the song which had been following me around for all of KCon (one might say haunted me) began on the loudspeakers, introducing the next band–Got7! Now you’ll all know here, I’m not a Got7 fan, I’m actually a bit of an anti-fan. But you know what? This song, which allows the boys to sing without all the electronic trickery, is actually really good. Cute even! It falls in the line of songs that just make you happy.


They came right out and apologized for a Jackson-less lineup. They promised to make up for the lack with even more fun. Their choreography was very athletic, which is apt considering the fact that they created with a sport concept? (And seriously, what the fudge is that all about? Not very musical, JYP.)


There were some pretty cool flips, but you could tell that the dances would have been that much cooler if they’d had Jackson there. While not super noticeable, there were gaps.


I hope that with this new song of theirs they prove that they are headed in a new direction musically. This new sound? I can really get behind that.


Here is one of their songs that was fun. (It’s wiggly at first but then I get it together.)

Leetuk and Siwon came out for a bit to chat with the crowd.


I hate to say this guys, but after reading some comments he’s made, I’ve been pretty anti-Leetuk, but in person, he’s very pretty and he managed to win me over. Just a bit. A little bit. I am so weak. Siwon was, as expected, beautiful and charming.


Next up was Sistar.


You know, bringing in ladies to class up the joint.


While I’m not a huge girl group fan, I’ve liked Sistar since their real break out song a few years ago, Alone. (Which I’m really very surprised they did not perform.)


I enjoyed their performance, and not just because they dance slower than the boys which allowed for me to take easier photos.


I’m not going to run out and buy their music, they do stand out from the rest of the girl group crowd as they can really sing rather than just relying on some gimmicky (ie sexy) so kudos to them!


Following Sistar was something that was super fun and completely unexpected–a dance battle between Monsta x and Got7.


This was definitely one of the highlights of the whole evening. Here is a video I took of it.

Wasn’t that crazy electric? You can’t help but have a good time while watching it. If they were to tour together? I’d buy a ticket in a second!


Makes you wonder though with these little work togethers (as they were not the only ones of the concerts) do they practice this ahead of time? Like do they get together in Korea? Or is this just something they do on the side? While I’m sure it’s probably the first, my imagination just takes off with the idea that it might be the second.

When the cheers subsided it was time for one of my favorite parts of the evening. ROY KIM!


Goodness I love him and his music. While I do like the kpop bands, there is something about a guy, a guitar, and an audience.


There is nothing to distract or hide the sound. He was so nice and seemed genuinely happy that people were excited to see him.


I think one of the best parts though was watching Molly discover him. She loved him so hard, almost as hard as I did. Or, Molly is a genuinely happy and excited person so she might have latched onto him harder than I did.


It’s so nice to be able to see what you love through the eyes of others. Come back Roy Kim, come back!


Oh wait, he did a duet with one of the girls from Sistar! kcon-2015-roy-kim

Here is a video of one of his songs:

After that was of course, Super Junior. But as this has already turned out to be way too long a post, and I have way too many pictures to keep to one post, Super Junior will come tomorrow.


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    I’ve not heard Roy Kim before either. He has a lovely voice.

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