Multiple Personality Drama #82

Posted by Stephanie on August 12, 2015

Casting News


But this one is different! It will possibly star Lee Jung Suk.

Yeeesh, this drama is late to the game. Weren’t all the multiple personality dramas earlier this year? Or did they just think we wouldn’t notice if there was a single season between this drama and the Hyun Bin one. Or the Ji Sung one. I guess since things come in threes, we should have expected this. 

What we didn’t expect was that it could star Lee Jung Suk, or that it would be another brilliant asshat medical drama. Ho-hum. Didn’t he already do one of those in Doctor Stranger? And wasn’t that drama not super successful? It’s kind of surprising for someone who seems to take chances in the roles that they take that he’d take on another tortured doctor role.

In this drama, currently called Beautiful Mind, there is a reason for his asshat-itude, this character has something wrong with his brain which stops him from feeling emotions–hmmm…so no romance here? Or will there be a miracle 11th hour cure? And didn’t we already have one of these doctors this year in the drama Doctor Frost? I’m not sure, I didn’t see that one, I just remember word of it. So do we have double cross themes? Multiple personalities and no emotions? Or maybe his alternate prsonality is the one who feels the emotions and he’ll have to blend them together?

The one real upside to this drama (besides Lee Jung Suk as he is a really good actor) is that it’s being written by the same writer who wrote Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Which was pretty much an instant classic. The odd thing on this though is that looking around, I’m not seeing anything else written by her. Was she a one hit wonder? I guess we’ll find out.

There is a whole lot up in the air about this drama from the casting to the airing, so there is always the possibility that we might still be done with the multiple personalities. I’m wondering, should we be crossing our fingers that this works out–or that it doesn’t?



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