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Posted by Stephanie on August 13, 2015



I would let you guess who my Super Junior biases are from the content of my pictures, but it’s pretty effing clear. In the case of SuJu biases I’m an open book where the plot is so obvious you saw the killer and the red herring right from page one.

Heechul. Heechul. Heechul!kcon-2015-super-junior-44

Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk!


Siwon. Siwon. Siwon!


I’ll come right out and admit I spent most of my time trying to come to terms with the fact that I was in the same room with Super Junior and trying to get the perfect photos of my favorite three.


When they first came out, I screamed like a teenaged fangirl–actually it’s entirely possible for that 20 minute time span I became a teenager again. When they first mounted the stage and immediately jumped in on their big hit, Sorry Sorry, it was a revelation.

It never occurred to me that they would sing their older songs. This was a happy surprise. I think in honor of their 10 year anniversary they did a bit of a retrospective, highlighting a song from each of their CD’s.  I especially loved it when they sang the song Rockstar as it’s kind of a b-side of their Spy album. You’d think they’d do Sexy Free and Single, or even Spy. As my favorites from the album are Gulliver and Rockstar, it was a happy surprise.


Let’s talk surprises.

The one thing that stands out in my brain to this day about the performance was Heechul–and no, not because of my newfound love of Heechul but instead it was his performance on the drum kit. Did you know he could play the drums? I didn’t. Did you know he could awesomely play the drums in a haloed spotlight in the center of a the stage surrounded by his dancing bandmates? No? Me neither.


He was amazing!


I had no idea it was going to happen. All of a sudden there was a big hole in the stage, I thought, “I hope no one falls in there ” and then, like a non-kpop-but-full-on-rock-diety he and the drum kit rose up. I had chills. They were multiplying. This moment proved he was a magical, magical pony and I believe it was this moment that finally cemented my Heechul bias.


The rest of the band were almost as adorable.


Siwon killed it in the vest.


Besides the drumming and the, you know, awesome singing and dancing, I really enjoyed the banter within the group. While the other bands did do a little intro and outro, these moments were so heavily scripted, they were able to flash subs on the screen.


Not so with Super Junior. And it wasn’t just the banter with the audience, it was the banter with each other–you could see just how comfortable and cute they are together. I mean look at Heechul and Eunhyuk, when he saluted him?


Then there was the moment where one of the members thanked God and Siwon teased him–you know he had to have lost a bet or a dare to Siwon or something.


Then when they talked about the Lakers with the jumping?


Their camaraderie even if we were just spectators added to the special-ness of the event.


Have I mentioned I’m super bummed they won’t be bringing the Super Show 6 here (or at least not with Siwon, Donghae or Eunhyuk)? Their show was so much fun I can only imagine how good a full set would be.


Also, back when I talked about their 10th anniversary song Devil? And I didn’t really like it but wanted to hold out judgement until I saw them perform it live to see if they could sell me on it? Well they did.

Super Junior blew the doors off #kcon15la #superjunior #devil

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I officially think the song is great, and the dance to it is just them having a bunch of fun–which makes me have fun–which means it’s a win all around.


Since this is the last night one post, here are a few pictures from the finale when the confetti popped


all of the bands came out and said goodbye.


Oh right, Donghae was there! 😉


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  • Reply DBChen August 17, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    I watched a SupeShow 5 or 6 concert video filmed in Japan and Heechul played drums in Sorry Sorry. I want to see more live performance videos where more of them them play instruments

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