Holy Kwang Soo, Batman!

Posted by Stephanie on August 14, 2015


collective invention

Our funny little tall man is coming up in the world! Not that anyone but the biggest Kwang Soo fan will realize this fact, though. But, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a big Kwang Soo fan, so let’s all celebrate!

What’s going on? A movie Kwang Soo starred in called Collective Invention is going to the the Toronto International Film Festival! Aww… way to go Kwang Soo! And, you know, everyone else who is in the movie—like Lee Chun Hee. As I find Chun Hee almost as adorable as Kwang Soo, this is great news indeed.

collective invention 2

The movie is about a man who is part man-part fish and how the world reacts to him. From the trailer, it seems like he’s some poor schmo who signs up for a medical trial that goes horribly wrong. Something tells me this movie doesn’t end very well for our fish man. Like perhaps Werewolf Boy? It makes me wonder if I should steer clear from it. Very clear.

Although from the tone of the trailer, it seems like it has a little Wes Anderson feel to it, so maybe the quirky vibe will make for a happier ending. Check out the trailer here:

With this, and the movie he did last year, I’m enjoying the fact that Kwang Soo is taking a few more chances in the roles that he’s taking—that he’s starting to stretch outside of the ‘Kwang Soo’ typecast box he’s either found himself, or put himself, in. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in the future.

Here’s hoping that the movie comes to a theater here or is picked up by the Korean Movie Night, because, despite the possible depressing ending, I think it’s worth checking out.

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  • Reply sisterdoc August 15, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    Hmm. The premise sounds goofy but the trailer definitely has some gravity to it. Nice to see ‘master’ again. Kwang Soo!

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