KCon Concertapalooza Night 2

Posted by Stephanie on August 17, 2015



You know how Kcon concert night one was split up into two nights because I like the bands so much? Let’s just say this is going to fit into one post. What can I say? I’m not the biggest girl group fan, and on top of that, I’m especially not really a fan of these girl groups.

The first night, the lines to get into the concert was a big cluster of confusion and/or anger (from others), however on night two, the lines were a fraction of the size. I’m not sure if this was due to better organization after night one—but my guess is no, as there was still no visible presence of anyone who worked there until you got closer to the door—or if the concert was just less attended than night one, or if the bulk of the crowds were late to the concert.

After snarfing down some food, we headed in, and Molly and I went straight to guest services to dump off the chair. Despite the first night where this went very smoothly, this night they really weren’t sure what they were doing. There was a backlog of ladies, all in wheelchairs, all waiting to get their Kpop on, surrounding the desk. I was so glad that I wasn’t the only one who was stuck like this. I met this nice lady in line who had P1 tickets. We were pretty pouty about being in chairs.


But then we remembered we were about to see some Khotties and cheered up!


The people at the desk came around with new tickets for me, I was all, “Why did you give me new tickets?” Especially tickets that were considerably higher than the tickets I’d spent so much money on? Turns out they wanted to give me a seat where I could take the chair. I was all, “Thanks but no thanks.” Situation cleared out, I said goodbye to my chair-mates and headed for our seats. Which were even better than the previous night!! Our section was pretty empty, close to the stage, and not partially blocked by the crane.


While waiting for the concert to start I played my new favorite game. Where’s Jacqueline?


There she is!


Can I tell you how much fun it was to be surrounded, at a concert, by people you know and like? Usually, I go to concerts by myself, and, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the experience, but it really does add something to be able to share all the excitement and happiness with friends… who you can then squee with after.


When the concert started, the opening act was a Korean indie band called Core Magazine—I have to say props to Kcon for bringing in the Kindie.


This band is so indie that when I googled them, Google said, “….uhhh who?” We are starting to get a lot of Kpop bands here in the states, but Kindie is a little harder to get our hands on.


Since, I’m a big fan of the Kindie scene, I’m happy to see it’s getting a bigger spotlight, which will hopefully mean more access.


The band was really good and I’d love to hear more of them. Here is one of their songs:

Last post, I thought Jun Sung Ahn had performed that night, but I was wrong, he was actually at night two, which is why I couldn’t find any of my photos of him—he was in another file.  Sorry cutie! I hope he’ll be a recurring opener for the Kcons going forward, as now it seems like tradition.


Then it was time for our introduction to the evening, bring him out guys! You know who we were all waiting for… Kim Soo Hyun!


I’ll tell you right now, he’s just as cute in person as he is on your screen. The crowd was very happy to see him as, up until then, they were a little disappointed that he didn’t take part in any other bits of the Kcon festivities.


No fan meets, no stage drop-bys, nary a peep from him. Which means he was paid to come out talk for a few minutes and go home. Sweet. I personally hope he gives a good ‘bwahahaha’ while counting his won.


Once he got off the stage, it was time for the main events to begin. First on the roster was the SM rookie girl group, Red Velvet.


Their concept seems to be cutie rather than overtly sexy, and this followed with their sporty costumes and peppy dancing.


Although their big hit seems to be encouraging people to eat them like ice cream. That seems like a bit of a confused message.


Next up was the band that I, and from the sound of the crowd, everyone else was there for, Block B!


I’m not sure why, but sometimes I forget how much I like Block B.


They have some great songs, some great dances, and even better that, some impressive swagger. What can I say? I’m a sucker for swagger.


Within their too-short set, they broke up into a couple of their sub-units to perform. While I enjoyed all of it, when the guys were all together, they were striking and awesome.


Now I’m completely bummed I didn’t go to their concert when they were here in New York. But not my fault guys, they were way the hell out in Long Island. Who told them to go there? They got some bad intel guys, better luck next time.


After a wayyyy too short set, it was time to move onto the third band, AOA. But not before two of the guys from the headlining group, Shinhwa, came out and did a little chat with the crowd. They made some jokes about bad English, flashed some smiles, and vacated the stage for AOA.


Despite my le sigh, the crowd was super-excited to see them. And after watching their super sexy set where there dancing was more like dance step, dance step, sexy pose, sexy pose and hoooold the crowd was even more excited (and I stood firm on my meh stance.)


Throughout the two nights, off to the side of the stage, there was a car, and we’d been wondering why it was there, but for this performance, when the band marched in from the side and mounted the stage, the car rose to the same level of the stage and some of the girls climbed out of it.


That’s it. Then after the next song it sank back down and was never seen again. Weird, right? Not my sort of music but the crowd was more appreciative. I got a little more excited when Molly told me one of the girls was the lead in Orange Marmalade, so we spent the rest of their set trying to pick her out of the crowd and then trying to take a good photo of her.


When they were done, it was time for Zion.T and Crush.


Zion.T has been on my radar since his song, Miss Kim. Have you heard it? It’s unlike a lot of Kpop music out there. Although, listening to his music, you can’t really classify him (them) as Kpop, can you?


I wonder under what genre the music would be classified? Anyway, while I like him, and they had a great set, musically, they didn’t super do it for me. Turns out? I love Miss Kim, but haven’t quite been sold on the rest of their music. But I’m willing to give it a try.


During their set, they brought out this girl who performed without them. Not sure who she was, but she was pretty awesome.


Then they performed with this other guy. Someone from Block B?


When they left the stage, it was time for the big guns, the headliner, Shinhwa.


While I’m not super familiar with their music, I do enjoy a song from their comeback CD, This Love. Which they actually performed!


(Is it me or is Eric cuter on TV? It could be the outfit. Or the bangs.)


Now, their dance steps weren’t as intricate as some of the other guy bands (it just seems wrong to call them a boy band), but that could be because they were weighed down by their bedazzled jackets.


That’s a lot of bling boys! It’s actually interesting to watch a band that’s a little more age appropriate, but it makes me wonder, is it weird for them to be hanging around with the current Kpop stars?


As in, do they feel weird?

Anywhoo. They finished. Everyone applauded. Then all the bands came back out under a hail of confetti.


I enjoy seeing all of the bands mixing and mingling.


And a final goodbye



  • Reply Brenda August 17, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks for the recap, Stephanie. I wasn’t able to attend this year, and it was really nice to get a feeling of what the concert was like.

  • Reply Tara August 19, 2015 at 8:34 pm

    Hey Wheelchair friend! it took me a while to find the blog as I couldn’t remember the name of it, but I am glad I found it. I am glad they sorted your situation out smoothly. with us they got us down to the floor and then took FOREVER to decide what to do with us. they kept trying to relocate us to seats higher up, but as they had accommodated us the night before they had to do so again. we found out that the 1st row seats they put us in the first night were seats reserved for management that no one ever sits in, and the floor manager would just need to call upper management and clear it with them to put us back in those same seats (which is what the floor manager the night before had done), but they kept hedging. So they ended up just letting us keep the chair on the floor(the manager on floor duty was a putz and didn’t want to actually have to do his job.. sigh). Anyway the concert was still fabulous from where we were at. Also the Girl who performed with ZionT and Crush was the Rapper from AOA (can’t remember her name), and the Guy from Block B who performed with them is Zico.
    Anyways it was awesome to have met you and have photo evidence :o) I hope the next time I make it to New York or you make it to California we can hang out and Chat as no one here really watches Kdramas and I main-line them like most people do coffee. I was thinking about doing a youtube channel to review Kdramas but am still trying to come up with an interesting concept and then I have to wheedle my friend into helping me edit (until I can learn how). :o)

    • Reply Stephanie September 7, 2015 at 12:15 am

      Hello Wheelchair friend! I’m so glad you found me! I’m just sayin–we were super adorbs in those pictures. That is so funny the trouble they had getting you situated! I’m glad they let you out on the floor with the chair–although I’m fairly certain if they hadn’t you (like I would have) would put up a fight. No one shall get between us and our Khotties! Yes, if you ever make it otu to the east coast–you let me know and we will absolutely hang out. Otherwise I’ll catch you next year.

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