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Posted by Stephanie on August 18, 2015

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There was a whole ton of people who are talking about this new movie Time Renegade–and looking at the cast list I was drawn into the ‘holy smokes this is some awesome casting’. Im Su Jeong, Lee Jin Wook as the leads, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Min Ho, Jin Young from B1A4, and Lee Ki Woo in supporting roles. But then I paused. Why is Lee Min Ho playing second fiddle to Lee Jin Wook? While I like Lee Jin Wook, it’s not like he’s considered a super big lead star. I’d say it’s possible that Lee Min Ho is trying to work in his acting chops by taking a smaller role in a a bigger production, but then my regular sense kicked in and realized that wasn’t going to happen.

Then I looked a little closer. 

It’s not that Lee Min Ho. Poor guy having the same name as Lee Min Ho–that has to be hard. With this information the casting makes a little bit more sense. While I’ve been a fan of Lee Jin Wook because of his roles in I Need Romance 2012 and (especially) Nine, since then I haven’t really been interested in anything else that he’s done. Way to disappoint a girl Lee Jin Wook. On the other side though, Jo Jung Suk is turning into a great character actor. He’s one of those actors who can just seep into the role. Take Fatal Encounter where he played the tragic assassin–one of the few people who was sympathetic in the movie as he played some  serious sword fighting ass. Then look at The Face Reader where he played a comic hapless man who gets caught up in something way beyond his pay grade–I didn’t even realize it was him until towards the end of the movie! Oh wait, and then there is King2Hearts–remember him there and how much he made you cry? I’m super impressed with him.

The movie is a little fantasy, a little syfi, and makes me actually think of the drama Nine. Two guys from two different time periods ‘struggling over a woman’s fate’. It’s still early yet, so there is still very little information on the movie itself with the exception of knowing it comes out at the end of the year, so it’s a little early to be reporting on it, but the Lee Min Ho/No Lee Min Ho thing made me laugh a bit.

Now back to my Hidden Identity review. (Oh the things I will do to procrastinate…)

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