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Posted by Stephanie on August 21, 2015



Calling all fangirls, I repeat, calling all fangirls! Or perhaps I should be more specific, calling all Junsu fangirls. The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Are you ready for it?

He now has an Instagram account.

Do I need to give you a moment to recover from the squeeeees of happiness which I’m sure is emanating from you right now? Is that you I hear? Yeah, you. Keep it down over there for the love of mike you’re embarrassing yourself. Now did I scream when I found out? Well I live alone and the cat will never tell you.

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#하와이 좋아요!

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Anyway, this is great news. It’s been open for about a month he has over 130k in followers and currently 21 posts (unfortunately he hasn’t learned the TOP method of spam-posting. The posts seems primarily a brochure of his new hotel in Jeju.

You’ll notice I’m being nice and not mentioning the fact that he’s had an Instagram account and no one felt the need to pass that information along….

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#토스카나호텔 오알겠다 ㅋㅋ

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and super skinny shots of himself.

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Put the photo editing tools down and step away Junsu! There is no need for none of that in your life. You are pretty enough without it.

Junsu will now join his rightful place among our wall of collected Kinstagrams.

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