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Posted by Stephanie on August 21, 2015

Top Five

bad guy

I might be a bloodthirsty wench as there is nothing better than a well-orchestrated fight scene to get the blood pumping and the sqeees a-flowin’. There are those scenes that just stick in your brain, that make the drama just that much more memorable. Here is my list of the top five drama fight scenes.

(How did I come by these? I would not let myself cheat. I legit had to remember the fight scene and thereby the drama by itself. Since I’ve seen a lot of dramas? It meant the fight had to be just that good.)

Bad Guys

bgs 1

The first episode was pretty much one big fight scene, allowing us an introduction to the “mad dogs” and their particular skillsets. I loved that the gangster and the professional killer politely took their turns allowing themselves a chance to show off—and possibly get back into the hang of it after being in jail for so long. The fact that they took such… delight in being able to fight just added that much more awesome to the situation. These scenes were prolonged, well shot, and intensely physical.

Pistol Packin’ Grandmas (ahem, I mean Assorted Gems)

assorted gems

Okay, so remembering fight scenes without being able to cheat and look at show titles was harder than I anticipated. This one always sticks into my brain because 1) it’s one of my more rewatched shows and 2) who can resist some fighting grandmas? The bickering pair was one of the highlights of this drama, and when they actually duke it out over their equally terrible children sageuk-style? Hilarious.

Heartless City

Oh Doctor’s Son, you had me right from your first fight. This scene with him in the hall was brutal and… can a vicious fight scene be beautiful? If so, this one was. It was slick and fast-paced and was another brilliant introduction to a character. I also loved the fact that it took place in a tunnel. It was just him against all these guys, but the setting meant they had to take him on just a few at a time, where it made it more believable that he could beat them. *ahem*HiddenIdentity*ahem* Long Live Doctor’s Son! Oh, wait….

Protect the Boss

protect the boss

As the other fights were memorable for their awesomeness bad-assiness, this scene sticks in my mind for just the opposite reason. Seeing the two entitled, too-cool-for-school chaebols fight, which was really just a lot of bitch slapping and hair pulling, was hilarious. Add on the fact that the heroine was a recovering bad-girl fighter who can, and does, take on multiple people at a time just adds to their awesome lameness.



Have a heroine who has a case of PTSD that sends her into a meltdown whenever she sees a fight and a hero who is a super-secret errand boy who needs to protect her from the bad guys who always seem to be coming after them? Healer had a lot of great fight scenes, but my favorite, hands down, is when he is finally revealed to the heroine’s father not to be the weak-willed Clark Kent, but the badass fighting Superman who can protect his daughter? “Close your eyes!” This scene, while fast and aggressive was, at the same time, super freaking cute and filled with squeeeees for our main couple. Which actually sums up the show nicely.

Honorable Mentions

Anytime Hidden Identity would let Gun Woo be Gun Woo and kick ass. Faith, when the hero used the police shield as a weapon. Not sure if it was a whole scene or a shot or two, so I couldn’t put it in. Magistrate fighting, if I remember correctly, ghosts in Arang and the Magistrate.


  • Reply DDee August 25, 2015 at 9:40 am

    Oooh that HC fight though *goosebumps*. It takes me back to when I was completely enthralled by that show!

    • Reply Stephanie September 6, 2015 at 12:03 am

      Wasn’t that awesome???

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