Podcastus Interuptus

Posted by Stephanie on September 2, 2015



You’ll notice a little something is missing today. (Or you’ll notice if you’re cool like that.) No podcast. Bummer guys, bummer. Scheduling and sickness kept Cherry Cordial away from me and she said you would notice if I pretended to be her. (I don’t know, I’ve got a pretty good Cherry Cordial down.)

Anyway, we’re going to record tonight and we should have the new episode out for you later this week. Until then, this is Cherry Cordial saying so long for now!

**See? Didn’t I sound just like her??


  • Reply kfangurl September 2, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    Feel better soon, Cherry!!

  • Reply Liz C September 3, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    Hope you feel better!
    I have a question/quandary that I’d love your thoughts on (either in these comments or on the podcast when you have time):
    I’m going to the BigBang show in LA, and I trying to decide if I should buy a lightstick (either ahead of time or there.)

    I’ve taken pleasure in the fact that K-pop is my first almost entirely digital obsession. Until last month the only K-merch I owned were my KCon lightstick, some Dream High chocolates and Hyun Bin post-its that friends brought me from Korea. I finally caved and bought a Taking High Art Down shirt, which I’m rationalizing because I’m supporting the artist. As an adult, who should be focused on my 401K, I don’t *really* want or need a stylized plastic flashlight,
    what if having the lightstick is integral to the concert experience. Am I going to feel guilty for not contributing to the yellow glow of the fan ocean? Will I look at photos of the LA crowd, compare it to a the Manila show, and feel like I failed to represent how committed US fans are to TOP and Daesung?

    What should I do? Should I give in and order one now? Do I hold off to see what I think at the concert and risk spend an hour waiting in line to buy an expensive one? Or I should I channel my inner Macgyver/Martha Stewart and rig one up out of a flashlight and a yellow Solo cup?
    Please to advise, and thanks for reading this far!

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