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Posted by Stephanie on September 2, 2015


song joong ki

Who else has been looking forward to Kim Eun Suk’s new drama? Who else has been looking forward to Song Joong Ki’s return to TV after his seeming years and years away due to his military service? Well, if you’re any of these people, we have some bad news for you…

The drama, which had been slated to premiere (for at least a year now) sometime this fall, has been pushed back to 2016. Nooooooo! This drama had better be worth it says all the fans (and probably the network too). I’m guessing it’s not easy being the current end all be all dramas. Maybe the production has bit off a bit more than it can chew?

Word on the street (the internet street) is that they are quite far behind, having only filmed the Korea scenes when a good bulk of the drama is due to actually be filmed overseas. Only having part of the drama completed before air time would be one thing if it were a regular drama that usually only has about 4 episodes in the bag before the drama airs, but this drama is so big they plan to have all the filming done before  premiering it.

While I’m all for taking your time, crafting the best story, the best drama you can, I do feel bad for Song Joong Ki. Yes, when this drama comes out it should be (looking from the writers track record) huge for him, however, this means his return back to tv has been delayed and with coming off of military service, there is a bit of ‘strike while the iron is hot’. This drama is cutting away valuable money and name building time for him.

Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of lady-type fans out there who waited a very long time for him to come out of the military and come out with a project–you don’t want to mess with lady-type fans–they have long memories and can turn fast.

Lets all cross our fingers that this rumor remains just a rumor, that this drama is as good as we hope it will be, and that if this show is delayed until next year, Song Joong Ki won’t count it as as having worked in 2016 and then maybe we’ll have 2 Song Joong Ki dramas to look forward to.

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