Musical Monday: The OOOh New KIndie Edition!

Posted by Stephanie on September 7, 2015



OOohhh! New Kindie! I always love the discovery of a new Kindie band–it’s like a warm little gift to myself. Or more like I’m an archeologist, making a new discovery that no one else knew about. Yes, I’m sure other people know about these bands, I’m not the only cool one out there with a taste for Kindie, but we are not the norm–and that makes me feel a little special.

Shout out if you love Kindie!

That being said, here is a band I haven’t heard of before, Sugardonut. Isn’t that  great and terrible name? (As now I want  donut,) It’s another band being promoted by the Mirrorball Music line–where honestly–I find most of my kindie.

The song actually fits right in with my Man Feelings Pandora station that I listen to whenever I’m writing. Singers in this include Elvis Perkins, Iron and Wine, Radiohead Damien Rice, Ray LaMontagne, ect. Soft songs that are a little left from center. Songs that, just from the sound of them make you feel just a little bit more.

I have to give a big cheer out to iTunes who, actually has a couple of CD’s from the band, including a Christmas release. You’d better believe the next time I have some available funds, I will be purchasing this for my collection.

Sugardonut, That’s Life (featuring Today’s Radio)

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