D-Day Is Almost Here! New Concerns Arrive

Posted by Stephanie on September 10, 2015



After the rash and rash and rash of teasers, getting ever closer to the release date, the next step was obviously, posters and character pictures, which we got! I’m starting to get very excited about this…

Well, excited, but my fangirl phasers are not quite set to full on fangirl squeee. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that, but I will say I’m interested and will probably try my hand at simulcasting.


Which is where we run into a problem. Do you guys know of any one who is planning on subbing this one? I checked out upcoming dramas on both DramaFever and Viki and neither source has it listed on their upcoming drama list pages.

d-day 4

Please don’t tell me I’m not going to be able to watch!

Its been so long that I’ve been eager to sit down and watch something, only to be thwarted? I’ll get cranky. It’s not like this drama and I haven’t already had our up and down relationship, what with the medical drama synopsis, then having the girl from Playful Kiss as a heroine, then, you know, Kim Young Kwang’s hair. But we’d worked through that, moved on from there.

d-day 3

And yet here is another possible roadblock? It’s almost as if the god’s of Kdrama are working against me and my new love of Kim Young Kwang.

One other thing I now wonder is what the time frame of this drama will be. D-Day? It would be pretty interesting if the show took place in one day and this drama seems to be going to the unique and interesting so it’s a possiblility.

d-day 5

I guess there isn’t too much to say more about this drama, but I couldn’t resist the pretty-pretty pictures. (Well, as pretty as you can be being all dirty and disaster covered.) We still have a few weeks to go before D-Day premieres as it’s due to hit until after Last ends. Until then, lets all agree to cross our fingers that this is interesting and someone decides to jump in and sub it.

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  • Reply DDee September 11, 2015 at 9:09 am

    Shucks, DF and Viki might not be subbing? Darksmurf might be, I’ll have to check and let you know.

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