Musical Monday: The I Waited All That Time For THIS? Edition

Posted by Stephanie on September 14, 2015



So, after much fanfare and what seems like years of waiting, YG’s newest group, Ikon, debuted. Now, I’ve been waiting for this group since the beginning, way back when I heard an awesome song playing in a Flushing stationary store, and, when asked, found out it was Bobby from the show, Show Me The Money. I went out and watched the video of him performing it and was COMPLETELY blown away. He has this voice which is gravely and an attitude which leaps off the screen. From there I found out he had been signed to YG and was planning on debuting with a new group called Ikon. iKon? IKon?


So the first video dropped, like a teaser before their first CD. Eagerly, I sat down to watch, wanting to see what this greatly anticipated band was going to sound like—and I was disappointed. No, disappointed is too mild a word for what I feel right now. I was ready to love this band. I thought it would have attitude and be a little rough (not like new/bad rough, but a highly-skilled version of faux-rough) this in keeping with what we’ve come to expect with the YG line and Bobby’s collaborative works. Instead, we get this mellow Kpop song which sounds like it could come from any mid-level Kpop boy group.

Yes, I feel like an ass-hat for thinking this, but come on! This is the song you go with for your first time out? The first chance anyone will experience your sound? It just seems like a bland choice. It makes me wonder if they were lobbing out a soft pitch to just ease into it and the rest of their CD is going to have more bite or if this is the best that we can expect? Look around at other guy groups and their premiers, BTS had “We Are Bulletproof”, B.A.P had “Warrior”, even EXO had “Mama,” all bold, unique songs which jumped out and said “we are here and we DEMAND you pay attention to us.” And then we did. What does “My Type” say? Well, it certainly says it’s not my type of music.

Sorry guys.

I know this is not going to be a super popular decision. I know already this band, even before this release, has legions of fans (I was one of them). I know that there are a lot of people out there who like this type of music. Hey, good on you! Have fun with it. But, since I do like my music with a bit more… umph, I’m going to stick with my thoughts—at least until more of their music comes out. Also? I think I’ve learned a very valuable life lesson here. Don’t pay so much attention to bands before you actually experience their music. Don’t get swept up into the Kpop PR machine. Wait, wait until the music actually comes out and then make a wiser, more informed decision.

So at least there’s that.

iKON (I checked, this is the correct spelling) “My Type”

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