Playful Kiss Strikes Again!

Posted by Stephanie on September 15, 2015

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Playful Kiss, or the manga that would not die is headed for yet another drama remake! So far we’ve had Korea’s Playful Kiss, Taiwan’s It Started With a Kiss, and Japan’s Mischievous Kiss.

So who is the next to pick up the reins? That would be Thailand. Yep, Playful Kiss is going Lakorn.

As Playful Kiss was the very first Kdrama I ever watched, the show which started me down this obsessive path, the series will always hold a special place in my heart. As for the other versions? It Started With A Kiss is a great drama, in many ways better than Playful Kiss. The Japanese version though I could not watch. I know a lot of people love it, but for some reason the actors left me cold. However this will not be the case in the Thai version.

How do I know?

It seems that the casting director either watched last years Thai remake of Full House or at least witnessed the bloggisphere love for it as they have cast the same couple for Playful Kiss.

On the one hand, yay! These two actors are great and together they have smokin’ hot chemistry. This just adds so many levels (good ones) to a drama. The other hand? Uhh….aren’t they a little (or  lot) old to be playing high school characters?

The drama premiers October 5th, so I guess we’ll find out soon. And I do like how Thai dramas are filmed early because now we get cute gifs to tease us before the drama is even released! Check out this Tumblr page:

I do have trouble picturing our icy smart and practical hero with bleached blonde hair but it looks like it doesn’t last long. Ugh, unless he starts out with the dark hair and then he switches to the blonde–like Baek Seung Jo swapped from cute hair to the horrible perm part way through Playful Kiss.

Now we just have to worry about someone subbing it, but with the rise in popularity in the these dramas, the chances are pretty good even if it’s just a Viki fan-subbed channel like we got with Full House.

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