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Posted by Stephanie on September 22, 2015

Casting News


And when I say incoming, I mean not for a while as the new drama Bubblegum is not actually going to hit the air until December or January, but I know my life is just a little bit brighter knowing that this much adorable is on it’s way to us. 

As I haven’t been up on the drama news game for a while, this one came a bit as a surprise when the teasers were released–I’d even included Jung Ryeo Won into my list of actors I wished would get back to work already. In both History of a Salaryman and King of Dramas, I enjoyed her and her acting style so she has been on my short list of favorite actresses for a while. As for Lee Dong Wook, it’s odd to see him in a drama where he’s not playing a big ball of angst, so this is a nice change. I wonder if this change of theme may have come about because his last few dramas haven’t been very popular (ratings wise). Nothing quite like putting yourself back on top with a role that puts you against type.

This is not the first time that the two have acted together either–apparently early in their careers they were in a sitcom (sitcoms do seem to be the start of many a young actors careers like Ji Chang Wook in Smile Dong Hae and Yoon Shi Yoon in one of those High Kick shows) called Live Properly 12 years ago. Dude. Holy smokes, I just checked and it was 239 episodes long! That may be the longest drama I’ve seen.


Bubblegum (a slightly cringeworthy title) seems to lay in the fake relationship trope which I normally don’t enjoy but looking at these trailers, it seems just adorable. Lee Dong Wook plays the head of a hospital (ughhhhh please don’t fall into a hospital politics drama) and Jung Ryeo Won plays a radio DJ. I’m sure hijinks ensue from there. I love the awkwardness between the two in these teasers.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I could really use a nice dose of cuteness and light right about now. It is almost a shame the drama isn’t going to be released for another 3 months. It also makes me wonder if they have already filmed the whole thing if they are already releasing 3 teasers for it. And doesn’t it seem to be a bit of a waste to dump all 3 teasers out on the market in one day? D-Day, another cable network put out a lot of teasers, but spaced them out so they could remind the viewing public that the shows were coming and, you know, tease them. If they release all three teasers now so much before the drama actually premiers, are they really going to do their job?

Well, consider me teased, this drama is defiantly going on my TBWList–until such a time that there are possibly more teasers which will turn me off–or the drama actually begins and I remember “Oh right, I just talk about dramas, I never actually get around to watching them.)

Let’s also cross our fingers that others on my “Get back to work” list will take the hint and get back to some killer drama action–I think we could all use a nice dose of Gong Yoo.

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