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Posted by Stephanie on September 23, 2015



Well, here’s some intriguing news, which could either be interesting or could go horribly wrong….

Last week, it was announced that Viki is producing its own original series. My first thought was–way to take some initiative, Viki! In the bitter turf war between the two big drama-importing giants, Viki seems to be the one who is losing ground–and if this is true–wouldn’t that be a big shame?

Now on an aside, can’t we all agree that there is room enough for everyone? Instead of fighting for exclusivity, can’t we just, I don’t know, get more shows? The land of Lakorn is sadly untapped, and we all know there are even Korean dramas out there that are not getting subbed. Plenty of space for everyone.

Anywhoo. Viki said “Oh you’re going to produce dramas? Well we’re going to do one better–we’re going to make our own shit! Try to get the exclusive of this one, effers!” It’s an interesting move. When I first heard of the news, I thought they were going to be making or producing their own Kdrama–but looking at the premise of the drama, it seems more like live action fanfiction. We’ve seen this come to life really well in 20 Years Old and not so well in EXO Next Door. Depending on how well this is written, it could be really popular–just think about it–kdrama fans are many, and kdrama fans love Viki. Heck, even badly written, there are going to be enough fans out there who will give it a try.

From Viki here is the synopsis:

What is the most exciting — and most terrifying — thing that can happen to a K-drama fanatic? Claire Duncan is a 20-year-old college student who finds her real life boring. Maybe that’s because she’s never looking up, instead having her nose buried in her smartphone and watching her favorite Korean drama, “Taste of Love,” starring her favorite actor Joon Park (Sean Dulake). Joon Park plays the hot chef and protagonists in “Taste of Love” who is still waiting for his one true love to come into his life. Through a touch of the supernatural and a sprinkle of magic, Claire’s desire to shed her own boring life and live in the world of “Taste of Love” comes true when she is transported into her favorite drama and comes face-to-face with Joon Park! There, Claire also meets the mysterious waiter Seth Ko, who made his own journey into the drama years ago from the real world and mentors Claire on how to navigate the dramaworld. When the appearance of Claire throws “Taste of Love” off-balance, causing other dramas to splice into the series, what kind of crazy adventure will Claire experience? “Dramaworld” is a 2016 Viki original series, produced in partnership with Koreaboo. Set in Los Angeles and Seoul, the first-ever American-Korean mashup series is written by Josh Billig and Chris Martin and directed by Chris Martin.


Dramaworld will be a 10 episode drama and is set to premier the early part of next year. I wonder 1) will this be successful for them and 2) if it is successful will this be the start of a series? I hope that Viki is aware of their audience and the whole thing is isn’t too tongue in cheek, winking as each trope makes its way to the screen. That would be really irritating. I also wonder if the whole thing will end up being some sort of dream sequence.

So what do you think? Do you think this is a good idea? Will you watch?


  • Reply Brenda September 25, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    I’m totally watching this. High concept meta dramas are right up my alley.

  • Reply Bess September 27, 2015 at 7:42 am

    After reading this, I keep thinking of the disastrous American Boys Over Flowers remake and pray that this upcoming Viki production won’t send me to the toilet to throw up like last time.

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