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Posted by Stephanie on September 27, 2015


graphic fangirlAs mentioned in a few other posts, friend Jami first tried Running Man, huge success, then, bravely, she foraged on and tried Boys Over Flowers. While Boys Over Flowers wasn’t the hit to her that Running Man was, she remarkably hasn’t ruled out watching another one.

This, of course, gives me all sorts of proud mama fangirl squees!

But what to suggest to her next? Our choices were surprisingly limited, as Jami chooses to watch on Netflix, and their collection has, sadly, diminished. (Whut up, Nexflix? Whut. Up.) Now, she did once try It’s Okay That’s Love, and it wasn’t for her. When we were looking at what that left us the options made me sad. You’re Beautiful?youre beautiful

Classic. Almost everyone as seen it and likes it—most people love it. But… the heroine is a little dumb. No, she’s not Oh-Hani-from-Playful-Kiss dumb, but she gets herself into quite the situations. I worry about suggesting it to Jami as she’s not coming at these shows as  fan—let alone a fanatic—so there’s a level of Kdrama crazy a rational person can take.

Option B? Shut Up Flower Boy Band.shut up flower boy band

Guyliner man, guyliner. Heartwarming story of underdogs. Who doesn’t love underdogs? Eh. I like it a lot but is it the drama to go to? Jami had an issue with the aaaaaalllmost paaaaardise (eternal repitiion of the four songs) in Boys Over Flowers. Knowing how many times they play “Jaywalking” and that other song? Probably not the best way to go.

Option C! I believe we have a winner? Coffee Prince.


One of my top five dramas? Check! An interesting premise? Check-check-check! A strong heroine? As she can literally carry round her hero?


Check-check-check! Lots of music? Oooh, how I love this OST, so super check! Coffee Prince it is.

I proudly proclaimed my choice to Jami, who, at that time, was almost done with Boys Over Flowers—her next drama would be Coffee Prince! Be prepared to be wowed my friend. Let me know how it goes.

Not so fast.

Jami realized that in my excitement for her to be watching kdrama, she had a valuable bargaining tool. She was now going to hold her next drama hostage. What did she want of me? Well, she’s been trying to get me to watch a show that she enjoys called Jane the Virgin. Now I’d heard of the show, I’d even thought about watching it, so it wasn’t like this was something that I would hate doing—it just made me laugh that she insisted on being so crafty about it.

I love my friends.


Anywhoo, today we watched Jane the Virgin (or the 4 episodes Hulu had) and Jami was right—it actually did remind me of Boys Over Flowers. You know, the cracky “did that just happen?” over-the-top plot points, the crazy characters, and the sheer amount of stuff they put into each episode (seriously—what are they going to do for season 2? This is why I prefer Korean tv—just one season. You’re in, you enjoy, you’re done.) All in all, it wasn’t  bad trade.

Not to mention—it gives me an idea. You know those friends and family members you keep subtly (or not so subtily) trying to get to watch Kdramas? Try a trade off. Watch a something they want you to watch. Play a game they want you to play. Or, with the holidays mere months away, say “You know what I really want for Christmas…”

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