The Misadventures of Cheo Yeon The Ghost Seeing Detective

Posted by Stephanie on October 4, 2015


ghost seeing 2

First off, why in the flying fudge did someone think a season 2 was necessary for this flawed drama? Did that same someone wake up one morning and say “The ending of this drama was so bad  we should give it another go!” or did the writer go to someone and say “Remember when I had this really interesting idea for a drama and then got over excited, lost focus, and messed up? Well, I think if you give me just one more chance–I can totes fix it.”

Whoever these people were? Well, they were dumb and should not be listened to.

I didn’t realize the first go around had been so popular or successful enough to warrant another outing–but I guess that just shows there is no account for bad writing taste. So if I was miffed with the idea of season 2. how did I find myself sitting down to an episode? Well, I’d finished Vanilla Ice Goes Amish Season one (I like to listen to bad tv while I’m working on the new website for work) and had room on my calendar. And considering the person who sat through the glory that was Vanilla Ice teaching Amish men how to rap–it says a lot that I didn’t make it through the first episode of Ghost Seeing Detective.

Or as I like to call it: Cheo Yong Detective with Stupid Hair.

Seriously! What the fudge did Oh Ji Ho do to his mother flipping hair? Remember when him being blinding beautiful was one of the few things this show had going for it? Well, that is gone.

I’m really happy to announce they answer none of the questions that lingered from season one like why the ghost girl is still around, why she can now bop willy-nilly all over the place, or if that girl detective kicked the crap out of him for all the stuff he pulled on her during season 1. Don’t remember what he did? Oh, it wasn’t a big deal, he just never told her she was being haunted by the ghost of her dead friend, the dead friend who would periodically take over her body and help him solve crimes, leaving her body abandoned in peril, and causing her to believe she was going insane. Nope, in season 2 she’s not even in the cast! They set it up that he’s been fired and is now being assigned to a new group. They’ve cast another random detective girl, who is super bland, like they don’t need to make an effort at all–and I guess they don’t–it’s not like her name is on the marquis.

Yep, it was a bucket of ugh.

Even though I had issues with season 1, I was going to watch  season 2 1) because I’m a glutton for bad TV (see above reference to what I watch at work) and 2) there were a few interesting points raised and left dangling in season 1 that I hoped would be cleared up the second go around. Unfortunately though, after trying to make it through the first episode, I don’t think I care enough to stick around.

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  • Reply Brenda October 5, 2015 at 2:52 am

    Oh my Lord, they gave him the Dumb and Dumber haircut. I didn’t even recognize him. I’m watching Get Karl right now, and he’s so very pretty in that one.

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