Kim Seul Ki Gets Her First Leading Role!

Posted by Stephanie on October 21, 2015

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Kim Seul Ki

Ever since her turn as the exhausted, irritated editor in Flower Boy Next Door, Kim Seul Ki has been a big favorite of the drama actresses. Unfortunately, she’s also been an actress who seems be officially filed in the “character actress” or “wacky best friend” roles. Whenever she’s cast in something we all go, “Yay, she’s coming back! But when are they going to give her a lead role already??”

Well, it’s finally happened! 

First off, let’s not all get too excited. She’s been cast as the lead in a drama special, one of those short dramas which are usually 1-2 episodes. These dramas are either part of a drama special series or used as filler between two bigger dramas. But it’s a leading role, so we can’t complain too much, right?


In this drama, she stars with Doo Joon from BEAST who has previously played the quirky insurance salesman/food blogger in Let’s Eat (ahem, I’m choosing to ignore the entire existence of Let’s Eat 2). I really liked him in that drama and have wanted to see him in another role! Why doesn’t he do more dramas? (Again, choosing for my love of the first one, to ignore season 2.) Two actors I want to see more of starring in a drama together? Sign us up. (As I’m sure it’s not just me excited for this news.)

Kim Seul Ki plays a high schooler (….uh…really?) who travels back in time whenever it rains. Okay, that sounds delightful and I hope, for her sake, it doesn’t rain too often in Korea. In one of her time jumps she meets the King of Joseon, played by Doo Joon–so we all know this is not going to end well. I wonder if she time travels to the same time period with every rain drop or if she goes willy-nilly through history? For a more concise story (considering it is only 2 episodes) I’m hoping it’s just the one king she meets.

While I am sad that this is just a drama short, I do cross my Kim Seul Ki lovin’ fingers that this is just another step forward in her career. She was almost a lead in this years Oh, My Ghostess! (which I still have yet to see–bad drama fan, bad!) and this might just be just her inching past other actresses to finally get her own leading role in a full drama. I’d watch that, wouldn’t you?

Splash Splash Love will be released online, so let’s hope that someone out there decides to sub it!



  • Reply Starla October 22, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    I’ve been dying to see her in a lead role. Met her in Surplus Princess (never finished, but loved her). And I’ve been meaning to watch Oh My Ghostess and keep pushing it back so I guess I’m a bad fan as well. This is exciting!

  • Reply Rebekah Roberts October 26, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    This made my day! She is so talented. I can’t wait to see more of her.

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