The Village Parts 3&4 Chat: Perverts On High

Posted by Stephanie on October 23, 2015



Our week of catch up is on! Here we are talking episodes 3 & 4 which seemed to move along fairly quickly, story wise, and surprisingly answered a few of our questions from the first week. Most of it though? Seemed to focus on the *gasp* perverted cross dresser. Which I’m sure we’re going to spend about as much time bitching about as they did cringing from. Ready? BEGIN!

Jacqueline: Yeah, okay, so we DID get answers to who Mr. Walnut Guy and Mr. Creepy Hand were from the first episodes, but can I please lodge my first complaint that episode 3 was paaaaaainfully long and seemingly pointless? 3 and 4 felt very draggy, but ep 3 felt like script writer isn’t great at crafting a narrative where scenes flow naturally from one plot point to the next. It all seems like one giant cluster-fudge of “Here’s a scene, and um…here’s ANOTHER scene and ta-da! One more scene.”

Stephanie: Well, that’s not where I thought you’d start! I honestly thought you’d want to jump in on the cringing  cross-dresser–or how he was treated. Laugh. I think I actually enjoyed these episodes a little more than you did, but now that I think about it, I don’t remember much about episode 3. I do remember literally gasping in points, most especially when it was revealed who the all important walnut man was! Despite that gasp, it seems like that setup was a bit of a waste, how about you?

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Jacqueline: LOL I like going in chronological order with my bitching. I start with me being a grumpy-ass over episode 3 feeling like filler. Next, I transition to the fact that 4 hours into the drama and the only character who has given us anything other than just constipation or angst is Puppy Police Guy. Lastly, I conclude with ALL THE PROBLEMATIC CRAP the writer pulled in ridiculing individuals who don’t conform to gender roles! My complaint litany aside, like you I DID enjoy the Big Reveals from episode 4, even though some felt so out of left field. Mostly random Horny Teacher and his fixation with High School Chick’s birth mark. THAT was awkward, right?!

Stephanie: Dude. How did he know she had a birthmark and why should he care? Except to be creepy? For such an eager bumbler, the earnest policeman is getting shit done! He’s helped figure out who the dead girl was, helped the heroine find her sister and now has found out who it was the dead girl met up with right before her death. If the politician would just stay out of his way, he’ll bumble his way into an answer soon!

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Jacqueline: Right, right?! Not only is policeman the only character WITH character, he’s the only one who knows how to use his brain-meat properly. I’m curious to see how the Autistic boy and the High School Girl (of whom I now have copious mental nicknames for, with that birthmark and craptastic haircut she was briefly rocking)…how are they going to play into the larger story? While NEITHER of us saw Walnut Guy’s identity coming, and were wrong about who Creepy Hand was, I feel like this whole “birthmark” plot point is crucially tied up in some sort of birth secret only Dead Teacher knew about…(who we KNOW is really the heroine’s long-lost-briefly-thought-as-dead-but-now-legit-dead sister.) We’re on the same page about that, right? Cause suspicious mother, that necklace…Helen Keller could deduct that mystery for God’s sake.

Stephanie: First off, I don’t think the policeman is the only one with character–I am super intrigued by the pervy art teacher. He is a scammer but he wants to marry the pharmacist? Why? It was interesting she called him out on being a con man. And what was his deal with the girl? Why did he grab her leg? I want to say he’s nothing but hinky but he’s good with the students, and I feel like there is something more to his story. And as for the necklace, I was going to say she was dumb for not making the dead sister connection, but when I thought about it later–dude–why would she? That is such a big leap the writers are making us chug down.

Jacqueline: I would argue Pervy Art Teacher is interesting, but lacks distinctive personality or marked identity. I think there’s a lot of noteworthy aspects and potential with his character, but in my brain that’s not synonymous with individualistic characterization. I do hope you’re right, for I see possible layers in him, but right now I just worry this show will be good at establishing questions but not so great at answering them. As for the necklace, RIGHT?! Heroine literally said “Oh what a coincidence. It looks JUST like dead sissy’s!” What an idiot. And, yes, you’ve got a point that it IS a big deductive leap we’re asking her to make…But we’re not talking about a typical necklace, it’s pretty distinctive and unique in design. Then again, maybe I’m just still resentful that our heroine is kind of useless in general, so I’m just being nit-picky.


Stephanie: I was thinking that too, until she went to her families burial place and said they bought them at a cheap trinket place in front of their school. Uhhh…raise your hand if you think grandma is a big ol’ cow for abandoning the older sister after the death of their parents because she was adopted??

Jacqueline: I suppose that makes sense….And HOLY CRAP I went bug-eyed mad at grandma’s douche-baggery. I mean, I get it because yeah, Korean culture, and bloodlines, and ya-de-da-da but that explains it; it doesn’t excuse it. (Much in the way the writer’s script literally points its finger at someone who cross-dresses as a murder-rapist before subsequently depicting them as “ill!” I AM STILL A GIANT SQUID OF ANGER ABOUT THIS ISSUE!) I have to admit, though, I’m pretty shocked at how MANY reveals we had in the last two episodes. Story wise we are getting questions answered quicker than I was expecting, but holy CRAP you talk about more questions! Like, what was Brother Dearest’s connection with Dead Teacher? Why was the heroine’s mom and sister alive but framed as dead? Does that mean her dad is dead…or not-dead…too? What’s Walnut Guy’s deal?

Stephanie: Let’s not forget the burning question–can everyone in this town see ghosts? The student does, the mom does, the heroine does, and now, apparently, the bullies mom does too? Maybe there is something in the water. I worry with a show that has too many red herrings and answers that are given too soon. Then I think you lose some of the build up–some of the big suspense. I can’t help but feel, now that we know who the man fondling the walnut is, and have essentially outed him, he’s going to be shooed off the screen.

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Jacqueline: Ghosts! HOW COULD I FORGET LE GHOSTS?! I don’t even know why this supernatural element feels random to me, but it does. The promotional material for this show had me convinced it was going to be more of a strict murder-mystery, but now dead people be popping back up like Whack-a-Moles. It makes me wonder how many episodes are planned for this story, because drama gods save our squishy butts if it’s a 20 ep run. As it is, though, I don’t know if Walnut Guy is going to be shooed off, simply because they keep reemphasizing his nuts. (Forgive the pun, I had to.) Plus why the creepy-stalker act in the police station and on the bus in episode 1? Or is that just MORE red herrings? What is this, The Village of the Fake Outs?

Stephanie: Can we talk about that poor guy for a bit? Dude. How is it that they break into his house, assault him with a shovel, and HE’s the one who gets arrested? You’d think the three woman would have faced some repercussions for their actions. I know he’s ‘perverted’ because he’s a cross dresser–but the still broke the law. I had a hard time swallowing this part of the story.

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Jacqueline: YES WE CAN TALK ABOUT HIM! That guy got screwed blue by the script, the characters, and the universe. I cannot for the life of me understand how ANY evidence pointed to him as being a suspect. THERE WAS LITERALLY NO EVIDENCE. And it wasn’t the lack of such which was the big, “Oh right, we got the wrong human, y’all” – it was his alibi paired with the fact that we got Body Number Two, what with that random blunt force impact scene to…someone. Like you, I had a big problem with those idiot women (Dumbest. Vagina-owners. EVER!) And the plot’s Logic Gymnastics in attempting to paint our fierce cross dresser as the bad guy? *Cue hand-bang into nearest brick wall.*

Stephanie: I know it’s a societal thing, and we have to be aware of our own social mores while watching a drama, but it was a little hard to take. I mean, no, he wasn’t a pretty woman, but there was no reason to run screaming from him. And then to be all, “I’m going to the hospital to take care of this mental illness.” Ugh. It was hard to swallow. I just feel bad for him. And I also think it’s a sad end for what could have been an interesting turn for the drama. Although–the realization he was walnut man?? It was the biggest gasp I’ve had at a drama in a long time!

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Jacqueline: See, I’m of the firm opinion that culture (any country’s culture) can explain problematic elements in media and society, but they don’t make those flawed messages acceptable. And in this show’s case, it wasn’t just that it was inappropriate, it made for BAAAAD writing. For, it’s exactly as you said! The random, “Oh I’m apparently sick so I need to go get cured” flip-around of his character…it’s just awful, lazy writing in my opinion. I will agree his identity reveal WAS the biggest surprise I’ve had in a long time while playing in Dramaland. As it is, I’m just so hesitant to get my hopes up for another great pay-off like that because I worry The Village is gonna be a one-trick pony.

Stephanie: I am excited to see where the rest of this drama takes us. While I do roll my eyes (and this time around, possibly fall asleep) there is enough in here to keep me interested and keeps me asking questions–and I guess I can’t ask too much more of a drama? (Except for maybe a better heroine…)

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Jacqueline: EXACTLY! I know I’m making it sound like the drama is TERRIBLE or not worth the watch, and that’s not the case. There are some hella fun things about this show, and I’m enjoying the crap out figuring out how all these pieces are gonna match up. I feel though that what is carrying this drama so far is the quality acting on the part of the surrounding cast of characters. (Sorry, but with the way the heroine is written there’s just not much for her to act on, other than fear. In scenes she’s NOT being terrified, she’s sawdust.) Overall, I’m interested to see what’s gonna happen next while praying, PRAYING I say for What’s Her Face to improve. I never can be bothered with names, but for her I really can’t be bothered.

Stephanie: Luckily, we underestimated how far behind we were and we still have 2 more episodes before we’re all caught up! Here’s hoping for some more twists and turns–and maybe some more fast coming answers!

Jacqueline: You said all the words SO beautifully! The only thing left I can think to pull out of my brain-butt for commentary on is the slight, SLIGHT potential of a romance. My adorable Puppy Police Beta has got some serious heart-eyes going on for our heroine, and we’ve even had the smallest teasing of jealousy over Brother Dearest. I’m not sure if anything is going to go canon, but a fangirl can ship, can’t she? LOL


Stephanie: Yeah, Puppy Police Beta is absolutely b-lead. Poor boy. I’m holding my hopes out for the brother. While I’m sure he had something to do with the dead teacher and a weird relationship with his step mother, he seems like he might be a good guy? Cross our fingers!

Jacqueline: Why oh WHY do I always get stuck shipping the girls with the beautiful Beta b-leads? Oh I sail the OTP because I’m loyal, but not without a bruised heart. I do think if the Brother goes legit as a romance-line for a subplot that probably will offer the most dramatic drama since we’ve got all his crap-ton of issues and questions to sort through but my poor puppy. I JUST WANT MR. PUPPY TO BE HAPPY AND VALIDATED!

Stephanie: He will be validated. He’ll find the killer and will be promoted, but he’ll just lose the girl. In the long run he’ll be happier! So you can be take pleasure in that. Right?

Jacqueline: I pray you’re right, ‘cause if this show kills him off I’m suing for emotional damages.


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