Poor Choi Jin Hyuk!

Posted by Stephanie on October 24, 2015



We, as fans, always look forward to the release of a star from the military. It’s usually cause for great happiness and celebration. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times. This week, Choi Jin Hyuk was officially discharged from his military service after just seven months served due to a severe knee injury.¬†

Oh noes! Now, as I’m currently recuperating from my own knee injury, I feel for him especially for this. You don’t realize how much you depend on those joints until they don’t work properly anymore.¬†Apparently, before he went into the military service he had been plagued by an injury–he even had to push his enlistment date back because of it. Once he was cleared for service he reported for boot-camp and pretty much immediately re-injured his knee so badly it required surgery with stem cells. GAH! That had to have been bad.

Despite all this he had hoped that after he recovered he would be able to get back to business (military business that is) but since he required long term rehabilitation, this week he was forced to take official leave.

Poor guy–this is not the way guys want to leave their military service–especially a star who is on the rise. I wonder what this will do for his career. He will need lots of recovery time (for reference, I didn’t have surgery and I’m heading into my third month of physical therapy). And even if he did recover fast, from a PR perspective, he can not return to work any time soon. The military service is a point of pride for the Korean populous and the appearance of idols getting preferential treatments or getting out of their military service is is a hotbed. (For examples check out MC Mong, or Psy, or that guy who is literally not allowed to go back to Korea because of his dodging of the service.)

Let’s all cross our fingers for him–cross our fingers that he heals fully this time–and that he is able to eventually make his comeback with little fuss.


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