Hello, Goodbye Mr Black!

Posted by Stephanie on October 27, 2015


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Since I Need Romance 2012 and Nine, we here at Kchat Jjigae (which is just me so it was an easy vote) have been big fans of Lee Jin Wook. Unfortunately, since then he hasn’t been in anything that was a must watch.

Actually, he was in Miss Granny, but since he was one of the things I liked least about the super funny Miss Granny, I’m choosing to ignore it–it’s my blog–I’m allowed to make the rules here.

So after passing on Three Musketeers (and considering the fact it was cut from a proposed 3 seasons to 1, I wasn’t the only one) and the remake The Time We Were Not In Love, I’ve been eager go see him in another good drama. Then the news for Goodbye Mr Black came out.

Yet another manhwa remake, Goodbye Mr Black features a hero who gets screwed over by his best friend and girlfriend, assumes a new identity (was the original one Mr Black?) and comes back to seek his revenge. Moon Chae Won plays a girl who agree’s to play his wife in order to help him seek his revenge. Hmm…didn’t she play a girl who’s used to get revenge in Nice Guy? At least she’s in on it this time?Moon-Chae-Won

So far, I’m going to say this drama sounds pretty awesome.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for this drama. After the leads were cast, the original network SBS decided to drop the drama in favor of another drama and it was unclear as to whether the drama would be picked up again. Finally MBC stepped up to the plate and said, Lee Jin Wook? Moon Chae Won? Now that’s good tv.

I’ll be interested in seeing where they go with this drama–if it will be dark and angsty or lighter and more interesting. Whether it’s going to focus more on him getting his revenge or if it will be more about his changing and growing because of his relationship with the heroine. I guess we won’t know until the teasers start popping up. Or I guess we could read the manhwa. But who has time for that?

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