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Posted by Stephanie on October 30, 2015


t.o.p secret

It’s almost time. That time. It’s been building for a while–almost an electricity in the air. Did you feel it? Now, if you don’t know what’s about to happen, you may not have known what that feeling was you were feeling. It’s almost T.O.P time! Just 3 more days until his new drama, Secret Message is released.

The just the idea of this drama makes me all warm in my heart area. Now I would like to say that even without T.O.P I would be excited for this drama–but that would be a lie–and T.O.P would know I lied and would be sad. And I refuse to do that to him. (It’s a V.I.P thing.)

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the extended trailer that was released. :


Come on! You can not tell me that this does not look adorable! And it’s that adorable  that us T.O.P fans are really looking forward to. Within his movies and videos we get serious/sexy T.O.P (don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking down to to the sexy, go ahead T.O.P, be as sexy as you want to be) but seeing behinds the scenes stuff of his and from witnessing him in person at the MADE tour recently, we know he has that cute, snarky part of his personality that is never really allowed to shine. From the looks of this trailer at least, it looks positively adorkable.

And it looks good on him.



Also as a gift to lady fans, T.O.P has released a song for the OST–check it out–T.O.P is SINGING. *dies*

Since T.O.P is a rapper, any time we get to see him actually slow it down and sing? It’s enough to melt a fangirls…heart. His voice is low and beautiful and, while I’m not usually a huge fan of ballads, this song is pretty and actually kicks is up and takes on a bit of a rock vibe part way through. It’s been a while since I’ve purchased an OST, but you’d betta believe this one is going on the must buy list.

Unfortunately, Secret Message isn’t going to be a full drama, but a web series on Naver (we knew it had to be too good to be true) with 18 fifteen minute episodes. BOOOOOO. Although that is still like four and a half hours of T.O.P, so I guess we can’t complain too hard. (Not too hard–I didn’t say we couldn’t complain at all…)

top secret 2

Now with the drama right around the corner it leaves just a few questions. Will this be in Korean or Japanese? Being this is a joint Korea/Japan endeavor–it could have gone either way–especially considering the lead actress is Japanese. (It’s the girl from Nodame Cantabile for which I am trying to give her a pass as it wasn’t so much her acting that I hated, but the character itself.) From the looks of the trailer and premise it seems the break down is that the cast speak in Korean while the drama takes place in Japan–and you know what? I am okay with that compromise. If they had made the decision to dub T.O.P’s voice like they did Siwon in Skip Beat, there would have been many an angry fan.

And the most important question? WILL ANYONE SUB THIS THING? You’d think anything with T.O.P at the helm, it would be an automatic hellz yeah, but where the drama is a Naver cast, and neither of the big teams (Viki or DramaFever) have it listed as an upcoming drama (if they had gotten the rights to it don’t you think that they would be shouting that amongst the web-isphere?) the chances are murkier.

If we get this close to a T.O.P drama and no one decides to sub it? There are going to be some might pissed off fangirls out there–and I may or may not be one of them. So let’s just all cross our fingers, put the trailer on rewatch, and get ready for this thing!


  • Reply amberkmuse October 30, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    I wonder since it is part Japanese, if it is harder to get the subbing rights. They tend to be more territorial of their entertainment.

  • Reply missienelly October 31, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Squeeeeeee! This was not on my radar but I’m intrigued after seeing the trailer. I typically don’t read synopsis so I’ll watch and hope to be surprised. My last movie by TOP left me with some good feelz so I hope this one will, too! 😀

  • Reply kfangurl October 31, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    TOP singing! Now that’s a rare thing indeed! He’s got quite the special voice. Low, gravelly, & almost unreal. Also, definitely popping Secret Message on my list – crossing fingers for subs!

  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland November 1, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Yay yay yay! TOP in a drama! So hoping this gets subbed. It’s been on my list since the first whisperings that it might be true. And thanks for sharing his music video. LOVE his singing voice.

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