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Posted by Stephanie on November 8, 2015



dont-panic-graphic-featureWhile we’ve been busily slogging through real life, the world of Kdrama has continued to march along without us–as you know–Kdrama waits for no woman! (Or man, I guess!)

Do you remember the time when you were fresh in your kdrama addiction, spending almost every waking moment, eyes glued to your computer, chewing through drama after drama? Then there was that moment. That moment of fear inducing horror when this thought ran through your head: what happens when you run out of them?

Ah-hahahahah! Oh the joy of being a newbie.

Of course then later, once you had more experience under your belt, you realize that there is no running out of Kdrama. There will never be a time when you look around and say, “I have nothing to watch!” Nope, instead its more the case that you’ll get distracted by something and then when you look back up, there are at least 5 new dramas with another 8 in the pipeline. A real tried and true kdrama fan will have that slight look of panic due to the realization that there is no way in heck you’ll ever be able to catch up.


So I’m at that moment when I looked up and found all these teasers for upcoming dramas that I haven’t properly had a chance to look at, let  alone chat about.

Imaginary Cat.

imaginary cat

Yep. Everyone is very, very excited for Yoo Seung Ho’s return to dramaland after his army absence. Many of you have already forgiven him for choosing his first project to be movie instead of series, and are just happy he decided to come back at all. These teasers don’t tell us much except for the fact that he looks pretty much exactly the same as when he left for his military time, which is a wee bit surprising. Maybe he went in to serve too early for the military hotness math to kick in?

Let’s take a look at those teasers:

As I’m a big fan of cats (have you met Gussie yet?) I’ll probably check this out, especially since it seems like such a mild, low concept drama. People with cats meeting other people with cats. Cuteness ensues. (Although that girl does give me a pause, maybe this show is going to be too slapstick for me?) I’m not sure why I’m so leery of a drama of his, as he is one of those exceptional actors. (No mere idol here!) While I loved Blind, the movie he did with Kim Ha Neul, Operation Proposal was a bit of a hot mess, and I knew better than to come within any sort of viewing distance with the sob-fest that was Missing You.

Yoo Seung Ho and his low key stellar acting ability reminds me of another one of my favorite actors, Ryu Deuk Hwan. However, good for Seung Ho, it looks like producers are giving him more of a chance with big roles. 

While we’re at it, why don’t we take a look at the trailer for his upcoming movie. You know, the movie he thought soooo important he needed to do it right away before starting a drama. (I kid Yoo Seung Ho, I kid! I know that drama schedules are grueling–who wouldn’t take a movie first if given the chance?)

Joseon Magician

OOooh! It has Go Ah Ra in it! I’ve been on a Go Ah Ra kick since Answer Me 1994. Likelyhood of me actually watching this movie though? Slim to none. Here is the premise:

 A Princess in the Joseon Dynasty travels to the Qing Dynasty to marry. On the way to there, she meets a young magician and falls in love with him.

Now raise your hands those of you out there who think this is going to end well! …..if any of you actually raised your hands, you are silly, silly people. First of all, historical dramas almost always end badly, secondly, historical dramas involving royalty really, really almost always end badly.  Now historical stories with royalty falling in love with common folk? Forget it, you’d better be packing that hanky.

Sweet Savage Family

sweet savage family

It’s family drama time! Usually I love these things I enjoy their pacing and all of the extended characters. These dramas tend to be more about the characters than the plot itself. And you know me, I’m a sucker for a good drama with no plot. This drama is a spin off of the movie series that I haven’t seen, Married to the Mafia. Dad is a mafia boss who is large and in charge at work but is put upon and put down at home. (Huh, I thought in the Married to the Mafia movies it was the wife who was the head mobster, which is what almost made me check out the movie series.)

Annnnnd no. That’s a big fat no for me. There was absolutely nothing in this teaser that made me even remotely interested in watching this drama. Better luck next time MBC.

Oh My Venus

oh my venus

I’d written a post that I realize now I never actually posted about my feelings towards Oh My Venus. Or I should say, my misgivings towards it. Are we all supposed to believe that Shin freaking Mi Na is a woman suffering from weight problems? One that requires the work of a top flight hollywood personal trainer to fix? Or is she an actress who they are just going to put a big sweater on, stuff a muffin in her hand, and send her on her misguided chubby way while people around her mock her for her ‘weight’ problem? Awww hellz no. And according to this teaser, that’s exactly the route they are going to go.

I don’t know if I can do it guys. I know we all love Shin Min Ah, and we all super extra love a probably shirtless So Ji Sub, and I know they have smokin’ hot chemistry seen before in CV’s and now in this teaser:

But one must get past the premise, and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to. If not, at least we’ll have gotten videos like this to keep us company:

So what dramas are you looking forward to? (And yes, I realize I am of the Oh My Venus minority.)


  • Reply DBChen November 10, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    I liked Jung Joon-Ho and Jung Woong-In in Last Scandal of My Life so am looking forward to Sweet Savage Family. Plus I could use some comedy and haven’t watched a family show since Life is Beautiful.

    • Reply Stephanie November 10, 2015 at 8:33 pm

      YAY!!! Life is Beautiful! I luf that one.

  • Reply sisterdoc November 10, 2015 at 7:04 pm

    LOL. Umm…all the clips posted for this article are of SJS working out. All of them. I don’t know if it’s just a mistake or if my browser has finally realized what’s important in my life

    • Reply Stephanie November 10, 2015 at 8:33 pm

      Your computer knows exactly what you need to see and has chosen to block out the noise!

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