Musical Monday: The BAP Is Finally Back Edition

Posted by Stephanie on November 16, 2015



Welcome back boys, we’re so happy to see you! Actually, there were some of us who were a little afraid that with the trouble you were having with your label; it was possible we’d seen the last of BAP—as there are many a band who can’t make it back from that. We should have known better than to listen to idol gossip.

I’m happy to announce that, not only have BAP come back to the kpop fold with this new release, they have also managed to go back to their stronger (ahem, better) roots. While I was sad to see them go, in all honesty, I was not a fan of their last couple of songs, as they seemed to have been drifting from their original premise.

Young, Wild & Free may not be as strong as say, Warrior and Mercy, but the hard beat was the perfect backdrop to their proclamation. It made me remember why I started to like them in the first places with their low, gravely raps. (YAY, Bang Yong Guk! I missed you most of all…)


The video also seemed to celebrate them and their efforts just celebrating and having fun while rocking brooding, angsty model poses.


Now that they are all back, I can’t wait to see what they come up with and hope that maybe they will kick off their new start with a new world tour—NYC anyone?

BAP, Young, Wild & Free

Side note? I did have to laugh a little bit at the end of the video with the final shot of the members in their thrones–it’s a little BigBang Fantastic Baby, isn’t it?


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