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Posted by Stephanie on November 17, 2015

Casting News


Now here is a drama I’m all over happy about! As a  newer Rain fan, I was all upside-excited over his post military return to dramas—unfortunately—once they cast the rest of the drama and the premise came out, my interest sank low, low, low.

I’m sorry, I know I seem like a boy crazy fangirl to the ninth degree, willing to sit through anything just to see the chocolaty abs of whatever my most recint bias is. But alas? Turns out I’m here for the story more than everything. It’s why I came to Kdrama from books, and (mostly) why I stay. I couldn’t tell you how many times I get excited to see someone cast in something, only to get my hopes dashed once the rest of the information came out.

With My Loveable Girl it wasn’t just the casting of Krystal that killed my interest (although it was a pretty punishing blow) the “I’m an older man who was in love with your sister and now I’m falling in love with you” premise just strikes me as creepy pants creepy with a dose of ew tossed in for good measure. It didn’t work for me in Answer Me 1997 and I wasn’t ready to give it another try here—not even for my fledging approval of Rain.

From the sounds of it? I didn’t miss much.

So when word came out that Rain was looking at another drama, I held my breath until additional casting came out—and when it did? On top of a description of the premise? It was a one-two knockout punch.

Kang Sora guys, Kang Sora has signed onto the drama!

kang sora

She is one of the few female actresses out there that I really think does an exception job of sinking into her characters and ever since her go in Misaeng, I’ve been looking forward to her dramas. I think she will be a great match with Rain in part because she is a great actress and can pull him a long a bit, but also because from the looks of them, they are just so suited together. She is very age appropriate! (I do love that in my couples.)

With our main couple down, let’s take a look at our premise. The drama called, Hello My Precious Person is based on a Japanese novel called Seven Days of Manger Tsubakiyama, and follows an older middle manager who dies but is allowed to live in the body of a woman for 7 days.

Hmm….another hostile body-takeover drama? With Oh My Ghostess from earlier this year does this mean we’re due for another body-hosting drama? (You know, because all these drama tropes come in threes.) The spin on this one being, of course, that it’s a man jumping into some poor woman’s body. In all the other dramas through the years in dramas like Oh My Hostess, 49 Days, and Who Are You, it’s always been same gender swaps. (I’m choosing not to count Secret Garden as that premise makes it a slightly different beast.)

While this does make for some possibly awkward second hand embarrassment moments, which would normally chase me away from the drama, there is one more fact which puts Hello My Precious Person solidly in the I’ll-plan-on-watching-this-until-the-teasers-come-out-and-ruin-it column is the fact that the dead person will be played by Kim So Ro (although this casting is still in the “looking favorably upon” stage) who we know from A Gentleman’s Dignity and his numerous turns as a Running Man guest.

kim so ro

It’s funny how a good turn on Running Man will make or break an actor for me.

The idea of Kang So Ra having to try and play such a loud and brash man, makes me smile—I hope she can pull it off!

So while, yes, there are still a lot questions about this drama still lingering out there, it is definitely topping my current,  I’m excited  and can’t wait for more information list.

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