Khottie Returneth

Posted by Stephanie on November 21, 2015

Khottie of the Week

KCJ Khottie Post LogoI don’t know about you guys but it’s been a rough week. But it’s the weekend now, time to shake it off, right? In honor of such, I thought it might be fun to bring back a time honored and much neglected as of late tradition here at Kchat Jjigae, a little thing called Khottie. Have you missed him? I’m sure he missed you! Are you ready to to guess on who he might be?

On Your Mark….

Get Set….


  1. A rapper
  2. Stop touching me!
  3. Route 66 Minus 1
  4. so-ji-sub-feature

Do you think you know who he is? Check here to find out and, you know, drooly-drool over some photos.

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