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Posted by Stephanie on November 26, 2015


oh my v

Hello Everyone! It’s Thanksgiving and my friend Regina scooped me up from my home and brought me to join her for her Thanksgiving. You know what this means right, Soju and Turkey! Oh, and also some Kdrama! First off, we originally planned to watch T.O.P’s new drama, but after one episode were sadly disappointed (why T.O.P, why??) and so we moved over to the new (and probable big hit) Oh My Venus. So we’re sitting here, filled with turkey and pie and ready to chat some drama!

Stephanie: What up Regina! Are you excited to see Mr Cheekbones in a new drama?

Regina: Yes I am hoping to see So Ji Sub work it like 2NE1’s song that we are listening to right now on Pandora Shuffle.  

Stephanie: Figures within the first few seconds of having him on the screen they would not only have him shirtless working out but also stick him in a tub. Show knows how to give the ladies what they want. Why wait?


Regina:  I will say that knowing he is around my age while glistening in the tub made the ¾ bottle of Soju I drank all the much better.  Back to normal!  I love SJS and I find him to be quite an amazing actor after The Master’s Sun and Company Man!

Stephanie: I thought he did a really good job in Ghost too. While he seems to have a bit of the Master’s Sun attitude lingering, is it me or does he seem like he’s got a bit of a nice guy air on him?

Regina:  First off Shin Min Ah’s character is really snippy and “I think I am the shizzal”, so to see SJS as a sweetheart from the beginning, when he was snipping the ab belt(aka corset) from her on the airplane I was like, OMG.  After all I wear vintage attire which def, makes me a fan of the Ab Belt.. I love you So Ji Sub now I have a different word for my undergarments.  

Stephanie: I wonder if the Ab Belt is a real thing? Have Spanx not made it to Korea yet?

Regina:  Actually you can buy the waist cincher thing here in the states!  Back to the episode though–We blew right through the first two episodes and we are ready for the next two right, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Actually, that was a bit of a surprise, I really had big issues with the premise of the drama–or the casting of Shin Min Ah in the role as chubby person–and as it stands I still really don’t like her character, but everything else around it is just so fun and adorable, I can’t help but be hooked. Or at least interested in continuing.

Regina:  What I was really surprised about is that Henry speaks English!  Thank you Stephanie for the he’s from Canada info–and how cute and funny this young man is?  His combining the English and Korean accent is the cutest ever.


Stephanie: It’s interesting how much English they are putting into his character–but I do really like him a lot. That bit when he was like “Why haven’t you picked up my texts?” and she looked and there were 8–”Ma’am”, “Ma’am”, “Ma’am”’s. Remind you of someone else, Regina? Perhaps my Facebook Messages?






He was too cute.

Regina:  You know I was briefly saying how much I love the violin right?  So of course he is the cutest ever. Now going back to Shin Min Ah, her character is kinda bitchy and she seems unhappy.  Of course they are trying to refer to the fact that she is maybe a Size 8 in a Size 0 to 2 Korean World.  There was a scene on the plane where it took two diesel guys to pick up maybe a 140 pound woman in American standards.  I could have picked her up with no problem>>>

Stephanie: UGHHHHHH I fudging hated that and was one of the things I was worried about with this drama. Come on, they were both big, brawny men, who are champion fighters–you can not tell me he doesn’t lift that on a daily basis in the gym. And for both of them to be grunting while picking her up? Fuck that. It’s also funny the jabs they keep taking at “American curvy women.”

Regina:  Me being a Curvy American Woman I feel that if my tall Caucasian Curvy ass went to Korea those oppas would chase me plenty,  Just saying So Ji Sub!! Just Saying!!  Another really difficult thing I had to get past was the portraying of Curvy women as sloppy women.  I know and anyone who knows me can say that I am always well dressed…FFFF those bitches!!!

Stephanie: LAUGH. I remember when you asked me why she always looked so disheveled–and I was all–uuuhhhh don’t you know all ladies of a certain size are frumpy and don’t care? I guess you can tell that I am also a tall curvy lady so I come at this show with a certain bias–a bias I didn’t think I could get past enough to watch the show. But you know what? They did a good job with her fat suit.

Regina:  You know what Stephanie, I feel that only a person who is curvy can be slightly opinionated or bias towards this show at first.  But man when you move onto the lovely leading man and the Prince Charming Syndrome, this is where it starts to really starts to develop.  By the way I am moving on to my next bottle of Soju!!

Stephanie: You go, girl. It is interesting that they didn’t try to make her the stereotypical cheery

chubby. (Like they did with the secretary.) I wonder if it’s because she didn’t grow up that way? That instead she came from a place of Queen Bee? She still thinks that way and treats others accordingly? I mean, look at what she did to her poor boyfriend.


Regina:  She is a nasty almost like mean girl.  Like Regina George.  My pores are too big!  Whatever.. No but really she is totally snotty and really has a superiority complex.  And she treats her hottie boyfriend like a flippin’ doormat.  Which is really not right. We are up to a scene where it looks like maybe it is a breakup or maybe not.  And she doesn’t let the hottie get a word in at all.  They are in a 15 year relationship and she is speaking to him a an idiot…

Stephanie: SERIOUSLY!! That’s why I have such a hard time accepting this part of the plot. I think it’s pretty clear that whatever she saw or think she saw, the things he said, or was going to say before she bitchily cut him off, wasn’t what she thought he was doing. I HATE dramas where their plots can be solved if only they would talk to each other. Luckily, this drama seems to be having bits and baubles flying around to keep me interested.


Regina:  Bits and baubles? No everyone, Stephanie is not making jewelry right now.. LOL.. I love Stephanie.  Where I am getting interested is the new hottie that is the boxer or MMA who I haven’t seen in anything.  He is super pretty.  With a slight angle in the corner of the eye that I melt over.  The Lee Jun Ki eye–but not as pretty.  We googled him right, Steph? But I do not remember his name–only that he was 32–which is awesome for the over 30 crowd.  I am looking forward to see where his character is fitting into this drama…

Stephanie: I do love a good drama where all the leads don’t make me feel like a Pedo-noona. I think So Ji Sub is actually older than I am! Yes, new guy is pretty good, and it looks like the biggest thing he did was the lead in Noble, My Love which everyone is really liking this year. So is he the Korean Snake MMA fighter? Where does So Ji Sub’s character fit into all this? Makes me wonder what sort of conglomerate his family is. How did he get into he personal training? And he is also a doctor? Makes me feel like a slacker in comparison.

Regina:  And the knee brace in the beginning of episode 1? While he was doing pull-up ab exercises he removed a knee brace.  So far the Grandmother, who by the way is the Grandmother in all the shows, sends  So Ji Sub to America for surgery!!  And I think to hide the not perfect Grandson in the closet sort of sketchiness.  Why do they always put the slightly, not perfect in the hiding in all the dramas!  Myself, having a disability always frowns upon this!!  Boo!!  Fighting SJS!! God I spilt my booze slightly!!

Stephanie: I’d like everyone to take note that Regina is the only one actually drinking here… Heh. I wouldn’t blame Grandma too much–I’m thinking they sent him away so he could get the surgery, like the best of the best doctors was in another country? I think we’ve all seen that trope before. But there is definitely something hinky going on in that family, where, in that same flashback, the Grandmother asked him if he was going to visit his mom and he said no–maybe after his surgery. (Yeah, right.) And then when he returned to Korea (I’m thinking he had been banished away later on in life for some other reason) his father not only wasn’t welcoming at all, but wouldn’t even look him in the eye.

Regina:  The Soju left a stain on my desk.  It ate through it wtf… The clothes SJS is wearing in this drama looks super cute on him.  They have him in very casual attire.  Most of the other shows that I saw him in,  he is always fancy, shiny and stunning.  I dig the jeans and sweatpants look on him.. Although I am noticing the little hand gesture thing that I adore– When he was in The Master’s Sun doing the wavy thing..

Stephanie: Surprisingly, I preferred the workout gear on him too–possibly because that meant at any moment there was shirtless possibility. Do you think he will let her think that Henry is the trainer? Or is he too good of a guy for that?


Regina:  I think that SJS is going to tell SMA that Henry is not the trainer.  Who would believe this little young puppy is a trainer right?  I mean would you.. Well maybe.  I wouldn’t or couldn’t work-out in front of hot fuckin’ trainers like them.  My ass flapping in the wind. We move on to Episode 2 a bit.  I really loved the Cinderella shoe scene!  Remember Stephanie?

Stephanie: Going back to Henry for just a moment–who believes this young puppy in is the trainer? Uhh…she does. Ms. Smarty Pants Hotshot Lawyer thinks puppy, who doesn’t even look like the guy in the picture, is the trainer. I loved that scene at the doors–when he rescued her–again. For some reason I like that he is always there when she needs help. And he just does it because he is a good guy. I’m crossing my fingers that his character will continue to be just as cool, just as layered as he is right now.

Regina:  But I really feel like Henry (the young puppy) and So Ji Sub are going to have a thing for SMA.  Or there will be a SJS and Korean Legolas love triangle.  Because we all know that this story is going to have a crazy love triangle.  But sometimes I would love to see the young puppy and the two older gentlemen in a game of push and pull.  15-11-26-20-54-11-602_deco

Stephanie: Yeah….I think young puppy is going to remain eager young puppy and the love triangle will be between So Ji Sub and our pointy eared elf. Which I’m kind of torn on considering that at the moment I just feel really bad for her boyfriend. For the way she treats him and the fact I don’t think he actually wanted to break up with her. So this is going to end either horribly for him (although with him trying to get all the secret info on his new boss, he might not be as innocent as we think) or she is going to be with So Ji Sub for a while before breaking his heart, going back to the elf out of duty, only to ultimately break his heart and going back to So Ji Sub. Yeah, I feel really fudging bad for her now.

Regina:  I think some kind of inappropriate curvy thing is going to come up with SMA and she is going to take it the wrong way.  Kinda of like when the Pointy Eared Elf was trying to talk to her normally about a situation that did not pertain to her weight and she jumped right on the defensive bandwagon… Now where do the newly skinny other bi-ach fit into this? She has weird hair, almost Star Trek, like and then talks like garbage right back to SMA.  Go figure!!!


Stephanie: The misunderstanding that broke up their friendship was a dumb one too–ugh this show. I think I might just be watching it for the boys–and not in a ‘they are so pretty’ way, but in a ‘they are more interesting’ way–that’s okay, right? Look, I understand her touchiness about her weight, but that doesn’t give her the right to treat people like she does. So I guess the question is, Regina, will you keep watching after this?

Regina:  Yes, as soon as we finish up here let’s take a look at the two new ones if the Dramafever app isn’t on vacation on Thanksgiving and feels like it wants to work on Google Chrome!!!

One shout out HELLO BITCHES love you CL!!!

Stephanie: All-righty then. Onto the next episodes!


  • Reply humbledaisy1 November 27, 2015 at 12:49 am

    Nice! Take a birthday shot for me.

  • Reply Aimee November 27, 2015 at 3:03 am

    I think we were watching different shows. However, I will agree that Henry is AMAZING (but I have loved him for some time, so I’m biased) and I don’t think Woo-Sik was thrilled about the break up, but let us not forget, he gave her the ring back. He wanted to break up. Perhaps because she’s a workaholic trying to support her family, but he did do it. Sidenote, he moved on VERY quickly for someone reluctant to break up.

  • Reply LizC November 27, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    I’ll be curious what you think about episodes 3 and 4. (It almost seems like the PD and writer read and responded to some of your comments. Maybe by time travel?)

    Also, the first episodes of the TOP web drama didn’t grab me either, but the later episodes are cute, and the ending was good. I’m intrigued with how web dramas have a really different storytelling flow. It takes awhile to get used to, and I find I have to watch more closely, but I feel like they kind of fit my ever-decreasing attention span.

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