Attack of the Reruns!

Posted by Stephanie on November 27, 2015


padam padam

Here is some interesting scheduling news for you: JTBC has decided once D-Day finishes it’s run next week (an event I’ve been waiting for so I can finish binge watching that addictive sucker) to bump the next drama scheduled for a rerun. Now in my time of watching dramas, I’ve heard of dramas leapfrogging each other for placement, of dramas swapping networks, of dramas getting junked in production, but this is the first time I’ve seen a drama so close to it’s premier date get pushed back for a simple rerun.

This brings up a couple of questions as to the reasoning for such switcheroo shenanigans.

The drama being pulled is Madame Antoine with Sung Joon. Was the issue with this drama? Is there some sort of production problem which required the show to be pushed back? Some bureaucratic snaffu? I haven’t heard much coming from the Madame camp which would call for such a thing. The casting went smoothly, no fires, no one was rushed to the hospital… Think it needs a giant rewrite? An interesting thought, but there have been a lot of dramas in the past pushed forward with scripts that could have used another pass through–or eight. Could the production company have run out of money? This happened with City Conquest, remember? And Faith a couple of times. However, both these dramas crashed way before a mere week or two before it’s premiere.

Could JTBC have run out of money? I know with the bigger networks, the production companies are responsible themselves for the cost of the drama, rather than the network itself, and I wonder if it’s the same with the cable channels? After watching D-Day, I wondered how a small cable company could afford to have a show which had such a huge amount of spectacular special effects. (Again, I can’t stress enough how excited I am to finish watching this drama!) It would make sense considering they decided to pull a new drama for an already paid for rerun.

Could it just be that they decided that the drama they wanted to rerun was so awesome ¬†they wanted to give it a second chance at the airwaves? Considering the fact the drama in question is Padam Padam, this could be the case. Seriously guys, if it weren’t for those last few episodes where the whole thing took a u-turn into makjang-land, Padam Padam was on the fast track to placing itself on the top of my favorite drama list.

Then of course, those last 3-4ish episodes happened…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they decided to do a rerun of the drama, but then decided to rewrite those last episodes? Rewrote them in such a way which wouldn’t cast such a dark and dreary shadow over the whole affair? Now that is a rerun I can get behind!

As for Madame Antoine? Eh, it was never really that high up on my TBWList. Especially considering the extreme case of noona romance they had going on in the second lead couple. Sorry, I just can’t do it guys.

I guess we’ll all just have to sit back and wait and see what happens!

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