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Posted by Stephanie on November 28, 2015



It’s holiday time at the OKC! And as is our norm, in deference to our crazy-pants, busy schedules, we’re forgoing our usual drama chats for a month, and instead filled it with movies and Drama Specials. This way people who want to chat but can’t commit to an entire 16-20 episode drama can still participate.

So, how did we choose these dramas? 

While, yes, we’re taking a bit of a mini break on the discussions, that doesn’t mean we’re going to be all light and fluffy—or at least not all the time. We’ve divvied the days up, to mix and match our chat days between lighter fun fair and things that will possibly make us go hmmm…. Now, unlike last year, each of these items have been vetted (viewed) by a moderator, so we shouldn’t have any surprises like last year’s Old Boy. This doesn’t mean that everything is cuteness and light, but on stories where we feel the content may be a bit trigger-y, people can be clearly alerted.

With a surprising lack of pomp and circumstances, here are the shows we’re going to be watching, and we hope you’ll join us for discussion days!

Funny Woman

11-30, 12-03

funnny woman

(Chosen for Kim Ji Hoon! No discernible trigger warnings, unless you hate the hotness that is Kim Ji Hoon, and then, really, what are you here for?)

A drama about a comedian who is sad because she’s not funny and a judge who doesn’t know how to laugh.

Roaring Currents: The Admiral


the admiral

(Trigger Warnings: actually it turns out we haven’t seen this one, so we can’t warn you in advance. However, it is a brutal war movie, so just go from there.)

Director Kim Han-Min and cast members from box-office hit “Roaring Currents” trace 16 days prior to Admiral Yi Sun-Shin’s taking part in the Battle of Myeongryang. They also show Admiral Yi Sun-Shin’s real story, which was unknown.

The Pirates



(Trigger Warnings: A fun time? Possible pants wetting? People get cut with big knives?)

On the eve of the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, a whale swallows the Emperor’s Seal of State being brought to Joseon by envoys from China. With a big reward on whoever brings back the royal seal, mountain bandits, led by Jang Sa Jung, go out to sea to hunt down the whale. But he soon clashes with Yeo Wol, a female captain of pirates, and unexpected adventure unfolds.


Hwayi: Monster Boy


hwai monster boy

(Trigger Warnings: Amazing movie filled with violence, blood, and sad people.)

A five member gang, led by Seok Tae, kidnaps a baby boy named Hwa Yi and raises the baby like their own son. The baby boy is now 17 years old and has turned into a lethal killer. Taking part in his father’s gang, Hwa Yi learns about his own past. Hwa Yi pulls out his gun to find out who he really is.

Penny Pinchers


penny pinchers

(Trigger Warnings: Naught but the palpitations that could be brought on by Song Joong Ki’s sweet, sweet visage.)

Unemployed Ji Woong meets Hong Shil, who lives enthusiastically for her dream, and begins to grow up…
Hong Sil’s purpose in life is to collect money. She doesn’t go to church to avoid making donations, when she’s sick she won’t go to the hospital, and doesn’t go on dates to save money. She’ll even try to recycle one bottle or a sheet of paper for profit.
Even though Ji Woong graduated from college, he still asks his mother (who runs a restaurant) for money. He joins a scooter club to meet girls, but when he has the chance to spend a night with a woman he can’t because he is short by ₩50,000.

Kundo: Age of the Rampant



(Trigger Warnings: Violence. Bood. Shenanigans.)

The year is 1859, feudal Joseon is plagued with numerous natural disasters, poor harvest, poverty, hunger, and death. But the rich nobles are only concerned with their own wealth and continue to exploit and persecute the poor. In this dark period, KUNDO, a righteous group of thieves, was a single shred of hope for the poor, an entity which can be the subject of fear to unjust nobles.
Joo Yoon is the son of wealthy nobleman, but his mother is a concubine. Even though he excels in martial arts, he isn’t recognized for his talents because of his lineage. After killing poor butcher Dol Moo-Chi’s mother and sister, millionaire Joo Yoon commands absolute power over him. Clouded by vengeance, Dol Moo-Chi is accepted as a member of KUNDO and unsheathes his sword for the weak.

Please Teach Me English

12/23 (Please take note of alternate date due to holiday)

please teach me english

(Trigger Warnings: Nope, none here—adorableness abounds)

Mun-su and Na Young-ju are classmates in a private English class. Mun-su frequently looks out for girls while working in his shoe shop. However, Young-ju has an unreciprocated interest in him. They eventually became friends, and frequently sit together in class.

Tough As Iron



(Trigger Warning: Anyone up to some no good, dirty mobsters? They bring along their typical violence.)

A young man named Gang-Chul struggles to make ends meet and doesn’t have a regular job. The man then becomes involved with a gang to try to pay for his mother’s hospital bills. His mother has Alzheimer’s. By chance, Ggang-Chul meets Soo-Ji who comes to Busan alone on a trip. Gang Chul receives comfort from her.

The Suspect

12/30 (Please take note of alternate date due to holiday)


Dong Chul was the best special field agent in North Korea, but he’s abandoned by his government during a mission. While on the run, he looks for his wife and child, who were sold as slaves to China, only to discover their corpses. He soon finds out that his colleague was behind the killing and defects to the South in search of his nemesis. He looks for him during the day, and works as a temp driver at night and as a personal driver for chairman Park. One night the chairman is attacked and killed by an assassin, but not before handing over a pair of glasses to Dong Chul. He is now on the run again, accused of the chairman’s murder by the intelligence service, while trying to uncover the secret contained inside the glasses.

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