Musical Monday: The Revisiting An Old Favorite Edition

Posted by Stephanie on November 30, 2015


epik high 3

For the holiday my lovely friend Regina scooped me up from the confines of my cell-like apartment and delivered me to the ‘burbs of NJ to eat turkey, watch Kdrama, and listen to Kpop with her and her family. (Okay, so it was only her mother who particpated in the K-related items…) With her as dj, I was reminded that there is a lot of music out there that we love, that sometimes we just forget to listen to. You know, the tried and true being pushed aside for the bright and new? 

So, for this week’s Musical Monday, I thought we’d revisit an older favorite of mine. I chose this one which, while unfortunately it does not have an accompanying video, seemed fitting considering the time of year it is. Shopaholic is one of my favorite of the older Epik High songs, we’re talking pre-YG Epik High. While I love and pretty much prefer their new work, there is something about their older work which is really special. There is a line of this song which is incredibly catchy and I’m sure, once you listen to it, you’ll have it rattling around in your head as it does mine.

Shopa-shopa holic, I’m a super star, I like dia-monds and super cars.

I’m not a shopaholic, a super  star and I don’t really care for diamonds or super cars, but for some reason, any time I listen, there it is, for the rest of the day.

For those of you who like the new Epik High, I hope you give a chance to their older stuff, including the one about time, and most especially Tablo’s solo CD. I can listen to that one on repeat over and over again. I am so happy to have this reminder to go through my CD collection, and check out some of the music I love that I’ve neglected.

Epik High, Shopaholic


How about you? What is a forgotten favorite of yours?

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