Youths Is Getting Even Youthier

Posted by Stephanie on December 6, 2015

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YOF25Just when you didn’t think you could be more excited for a new show, WHAMO, the Gods of Kdrama look down upon you and say, “Let’s jack this sucker up!” And in the matter of the new season of Youths Over Flowers, this is exactly what they have done.

Na PD knows just how to work an idea, doesn’t he?

From the time that news of the latest season of Youths Over Flowers came out, let’s face it, we were all pretty excited. Trash Oppa? In a variety show? (Side note, just where has Jung Woo been since Answer Me 1994?) Then of course we have Jo Jung Suk who usually rocks a mean Beta lead. Seriously, this could be called Youths Over Flowers: The Nice Guy Edition as don’t these guys just seem like legit nice guys? Well, those two. The other one? Jung Sang Hoon? I actually don’t know who he is so I’m just assuming he has the same sort of good guy quality of the others.

A variety show featuring age appropriate fangirling material isn’t something that comes along very often. The first season of the show featured men in their 40’s, then men in their 20’s and now here, all men in their 30’s.

The first season they went to Peru, then, and in this latest season? Iceland! I have a friend who went to Iceland a few times and I can tell you, it looks incredibly beautiful. Almost a, “is that real?” quality to it. She always said it’s like going to New Zealand but way closer. So the idea that this round would take place in a locale that is already fairly high on my TBVList (To Be Visited)? Yeah, I’m fairly certain Na PD made this show just for me.


Then news blew up last week that actor Kang Haneul would be joining the cast. This made me go “Huh?” as I’m not certain he’s even in his 20’s yet. Did the PD think that this show needed a bigger appeal? That the cast needed a bit of a boost in the popular vote? Whatever it is? I don’t care. I’ve been a big fan of Kang Haneul since …..


Uhhhh…never mind guys. Turns out, I was thinking of the wrong guy. A good writer would have cut that out and edited that bit out, but it made me laugh, so in it is! I thought the guy added on was Yeo Jin Goo from Hwayi: Monster Boy (yes, I know his latest was the drama Orange Marmalade but his turn in Hwayi: Monster Boy was so spectacular it will always be what I know him best for). The guy who is actually joining the cast is in his 20’s, was in Heirs (let’s not blame him for that) and Misaeng (in which he played a nice guy who does indeed seem like he would fit in nicely with the rest of our cast.

Kang Haneul will be joining the cast as a luggage boy ala Seojin-i in the original Grandpas Over Flowers. Na PD had originally wanted him in the cast but he’d already agreed to take part in the Dragon awards so he declined. At the dragon awards, Na PD approached him again and, this time, was so successful, Kang Haneul left that night with only the tux on his back and a bag of toiletries.


Come on, how can you not want to watch this?

Something tells me that Na PD will have yet another hit on his hand with this drama, and something tells me that whatever network 1Night 2Days is on is continuing to kick themselves for letting this guy get away.

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