Give A Collective Poor Kwang Soo

Posted by Stephanie on December 9, 2015


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Laugh, poor put-upon Kwang Soo and the things he gets put through in his career… I’m still crossing my fingers that is new movie of his, Collective Invention comes here to the US. For this movie, I would fight the hordes of Time Square tourists to go see it subbed on the big screen. Come on, Kwang Soo, big screen, you’d do it too–right? 

Anyway, I thought the thing was CGI (like Gollum from LOTR), but it turns out that he actually wore a big mask with mechanical whatnots that made it move! In this clip, you can see part of the process of them making it:

This is why I say poor Kwang Soo. Can you imagine how long he had to be in this form for it to dry? I once had to do something like this for a project and I freaked the fudge out–being closed in like that is really hard. Then to have to try an act with the finished product on? Not easy. I do like the chances that he’s starting to take with his career and hopes that they work out for him and maybe he can get out of the ‘Kwang-Soo’ typecast box he’s painted himself into…


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  • Reply humbledaisy1 December 11, 2015 at 10:12 am

    Unfortunately, he may be in the Fish Shaped Kwang Soo box now.

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