Musical Monday: The We Haven’t Had One Like This Before Edition

Posted by Stephanie on December 14, 2015



Let’s come right out and say it. This song is not going to be for everyone. Letting you in on a secret, this should not be my cup of tea. Actually, with my upstairs neighbor fancying himself a ‘DJ’ (ugh, can you hear my eyes roll from here?) I should actually, hate hate, hate this song. But I don’t. Surprise! Instead, I was instantly taken with it—I’m talking within the first few beats.

But I understand if it’s not for you. 

Hypermetric is another indie find from the Mirrorball Music channel on Youtube, which is, I swear, the best place to find music outside the Kpop highway. With lots of new entries by big bands, I know you’d expect me to hit EXO or Psy, or, BTS—but I was filled with an unexpected fit of vim and vinegar, and decided to buck the popular. You know. Because I don’t want people clicking on my posts at all.


I’m so glad I clicked on this song as again, it’s not anything I thought I’d like, and during the song I kept wondering—why do I like this? How is this different from the beats I was blitzed with by my annoying neighbor (although he has gotten much better as of late)? I’m not sure, but I like it enough that I just might have to have it for my own. I like the beat, the sound of the song when there are lyrics, and I find myself charmed by the video itself. All these put together make for a really good time.

Hypermetric, Living Off the Wall (featuring B Smith)

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