Happy Birthday, Duckbutt!

Posted by Stephanie on December 15, 2015



Yesterday, Cherry Cordial told me it was Junsu’s birthday! With the power that is time zones his birthday was yesterday and today. Which seems fitting considering this is McThrusty, our bias of all biases—he shall not be bound by such plebeian things as dates.

In honor of Junsu’s birthday, let’s do a little celebrating! Here are some of the things to prove that my bias is waaaaay better than yours. 

His mad, mad dance skills. Do you think these dancers appreciate the fact that they are in the same room with him? I think not.

His spot on aegyo




junsu cute2


His ability to laugh at anything


junsu cute

His love of cats—come on, how can you not love an idol who loves cats?

junsu cat

Ahem, Junsu? I have a cat. His goal in life is to meet you. It’s true.


Dat Ass?

junsu bum 2 junsu bum

Wait. What! I mean his musical talent. What sort of a person do you take me for?

There is also his smile.

junsu smile 2 junsu smile 3 junsu smile 4 junsu smile


Eh, I’m just kidding! We all know why we really love Junsu:

Happy, happy birthday Junsu!

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  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland December 24, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    Happy B-Day, Junsu! He’s adorable, and he can DANCE! That last video, tho….. O.O

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