Musical Monday: The Let’s Try iKON Again Edition

Posted by Stephanie on December 28, 2015



After the first two attempts at trying the new group, iKON, was a big, unexpected, and massively disappointing bust, I put the band into the Oh Well column, never to listen to them again. However, after  a side project for a friend had me hunting for pictures of Bobby, I came across screenshots of this video and decided to relent and give them another shot.

The results?

Welllll…I didn’t hate the song. Or even didn’t dislike it as much as the last one. The video was fun, was well shot with fun effects and some swagger (jack) that I had originally expected from the band. They were there to make mischief and they succeeded.

The song? It started out really well, I liked the beat and the rap it’s, like with a lot of songs, once the singing hits that they lost me a bit. But the song was still a big step forward to me, and hopefully once the push for iKON has slowed a bit, YG will allow Bobby to do more of his own solo stuff again.

Interesting side note? Did you know that netizens are throwing a big stink at YG over iKON’s promotions? Apparently, they don’t like how BigBang is being used to promote the new group. Something about iKON opening for BigBang, them being billed as the new BigBang and a big deal being made over GDragon writing a song for them. Fans think iKON is popular enough to stand on it’s own two (or, since there are like 6 members of the band, 12) feet and shouldn’t have to rely on BigBang. Hmm…

iKON, Dumb and Dumber

and if you want to see the finished project I was working on? It’s possible my friend who had a birthday last week is writing a time traveling fanfiction. Yay, friends!


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