A New Years of Irritating Drama

Posted by Stephanie on January 5, 2016



New Years Eve, I spent some quality time with friends (named Complex Carbohydrates and Diet Soda) in front of the tv with a little drama called Someone Like You. It had been recommended to me by a few people who shall rename nameless to protect the guilty. Throughout the night, I chatted with Cherry and Amber on my adventures. Did I like it? No. Did I stop watching? Heck no. Because what’s better than a nice rant?

Amber: So are you still watching the snoozefest?

Stephanie: Ugh, yes, and it’s getting worse.


break up

Amber: YAY the first dropped show of 2016.  Good for you.

Stephanie:  Don’t give me too much credit, I’m stilll watching. The hero is irritating the fuck out of me. I was telling Cherry: hero if you are blind but can be totally fixed with a surgery but are too stubborn not to get one? UGH. Get over yourself!

Amber: DUDE…………. dump it. LOL I am in the mood to dump something but I have already cut out all my annoying dramas. You have to do it for me.

Stephanie: Now we know who the b-lead girl is and she is the b-lead girl because she has the dead fiancé’s heart. How do we know this? She can now make the cookies the heroes dead fiancé used to make.

Amber: Hahaha this sounds like a disaster.  The only person who gets the dead heart of another drama that I have liked is Falling for Innocence.  And even then it was on the fence when using that trope.

Stephanie: This is the first one I’ve seen where it was a b lead who got the heart—I’ll give the show that at least.

Amber: Except they put the other girl as the doppelganger which, combined, is just too much for me.

Stephanie: Tru dat, He could either be with the girl who looks/sounds like dead girlfriend (and her possible twin sister) or the random girl who is now in possession of dead girls heart, either way, I see angst in his future…which is more than he will see—you know— because he refuses to get that fucking surgery.

Amber: Hahahahaha but how would we get that voyeur scene where he is naked in the shower and unaware she is staring at his junk?someone like you3

Stephanie:  Nope, at least I still have that to look forward to if I continue watching. Oh noes, girl with dead fiancé’s heart and hero are now making googlie eyes at each other—good thing they’ve got those dumb cookies to bond over.

Amber: Hahaha.  Is he doing it on purpose since he is blind and all that?

Stephanie: Now they are having long touches over the mixing bowls. I think I might hate this show.

Cherry: I have an idea… drop it!

Stephanie: HAHAHAHHAHA—a sane person would.

Amber: Does someone have a bitch bob at least?  It is a crap drama if no one has the required bitch bob. You should watch something better.  Or at least something that is great to hate so you can blog about it.

Stephanie: You know what, yes!! Someone who is not the b lead but still wants the hero and is his business rival and can sink his business when it gets out that he’s blind has a bitch bob! Good thing he’s decided not to get that surgery to make his life better and save his company. Ugh, heroine just asked girl with dead fiancé’s heart to come to Taipei, my guess is someone is going to take her up on that. Ugh.

someone like you

Amber: Does bitch bob know she has dead fiancé’s heart.

Stephanie:  Nope, it’s another girl, bitch bob isn’t even in the running to being in the running for his heart.

Amber: Makes you wonder if she would still love him if he was mediocre looking and poor. You know, because of the heart and all.

Stephanie: Funny how I usually enjoy the remembered feelings heart transplant storylines–until it’s not the heroine who has the heart. Now that it’s Blead who will of course get in the way, I find it implausible and irritating.

Amber: Yup it suddenly turns from romantic to creepy stalker real fast.

Stephanie:  YES! Kind of what and I were saying about alpha heroes/stalkers on the podcast. It’s all romantic until it’s the Blead…

Amber: Are you planning on watching any of the upcoming dramas?

Stephanie: I think J and I are going to watch that magical high school one–that is if I’m still speaking to her after this.

Amber: Ah… The one that looks like the director wants to go to take the Hogwarts Disneyworld experience?  LOL.Murim

Stephanie: That’s the one although it has a bit more idol actors for my taste.

Amber: Cracks me up that the lead is an idol turned Kung foo hero. Although he is one of the few that is not an actual idol.

Stephanie: Happy New Year! Be warned, 2016 seems to be filled with bad dramas, pizza and spilled soda. But it also seems to be filled with chats with friends, so I guess it levels out.


happy new year

Amber: I hope all our 2016 dramas are good and hopefully we don’t see one heart transplant love/stalker situation.

Stephanie: Heh I’m’ finding the scene where she leers at him in the shower—creepy…

someone like youi

Amber: LOL Drop it drop it drop it.  Start something good like Answer me 1988

Stephanie:  Eh, that one’s not done yet.

Amber: Only two more weeks.  And the episodes are so long you might still be watching when it ends. Park Bo Gum wants you to watch him Stephanie.  Join the love.

answer me 4

Cherry: I agree with Amber’s 1988 suggestion.

Stephanie: By the end of this drama the hero will have 4 girls after him. Identical Twin of Dead Fiancé, Girl who has dead fiancé’s heart, Bitch Bob, and his sister

Amber: Park Bo Gum.  He is a ninja of hearts.  Watch Watch Watch

Cherry: He is!

Amber: Ditch the blind idiot. Join the show that will make you happy.  Be happy Stephanie in 2016

I am finding that 2016 Amber is somewhat pushy.  LOL Might be the Nyquil.


answer me 3

Cherry:answer me 2


answer me

Stephanie: HAHHAHAHAHHAA But isn’t it more fun just to hear me complain about it?

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    Loved this post. It’s so hilarious – keep on watching bad dramas and sharing conversations like that with us :p

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