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Posted by Stephanie on January 8, 2016


So yesterday we talked about the upcoming drama, Murim’s School which looks very alluring for a possible simulcast. Today let’s chat about a drama which rather sneaked up on me, but, hot fudge, does it look awesome.


Have you heard of this one? Apparently it’s from the writers of Ghost, which I freaking loved the first and second time watching. (Unfortunately, after about the third time when you’ve memorized it’s twists and turns, the drama is a little harder to absorb yourself in.) It literally made me afraid of my computer and the very real power that the cyber world can weld. Ghost had some great characters, great twists and turns, one of those dramas that always kept you on your toes. So the idea of another sort of thriller drama, this time with a mystical element rather than a computer one is hugely alluring.

On top of that the director of the drama is the same who did Misaeng, which, I think we can all agree was one of the best, non-romantic dramas in a long time.

Signal, if the premise holds out, has the chance to be even more exciting. Two cops, one in the present and one in the past, find themselves able to communicate via a two way radio. What do they do with this newfound power? Well, they are cops, so of course they use this to solve crime! Dur. Apparently, they also have to use it to figure out exactly what happened to the cop in the past, as he’s caught in some sort of time warp limbo, no longer in the past, only able to communicate via the radio.

What was I telling you, hot fudge, right?

The drama actually reminds me of an American movie, Frequency where a father/son duo manage to talk to themselves via radio. While I never actually watched that one, I did actually buy it from the $5 Walmart movie bin, but ended up giving it away as an unexpected gift before I could watch it—ohhh those unexpected ‘I need a gift moments!’. So, while I really wanted to see it, I never have. Here’s hoping that the same thing doesn’t happen with Signal. Well. Not the $5 bin, but the whole meaning to watch it but never do. How cool would it be to find a Kdrama in the $5 bin? Closest I ever got was finding the drama My Sweet Seoul in a Kpop shop/grocery store in LA’s Koreatown the first time I went there for KCon for $10. You better believe I bought it, because, well it was there. Have I watched it yet? Nope. I heard it’s not great. But it was a kdrama for $10! Sometimes you just gotta jump!

Ahem. Sidetracked.

Looks like DramaFever has the exclusive rights to this drama, as they have actually subbed the trailer. Isn’t that nice? Hardly anyone subs trailers so we’re left to do our own version of bad lip reading to put our own spin on the plot.

Oh, was that not enough to get you teased? How about we try the unsubbed ones. Let’s see what we think they say:

Summary: “I’m stuck in the past! And I’m super sad I can’t solve these crimes on my own. What can I do? Sure wish I had a magical radio.

Summary: It’s a nice day out, but I’m feeling super blue—obviously I’m still stuck on my love from the past who disappeared into a radio. Wonder if I’ll ever hear from him again.

Summary: Dude! I think someone is stuck in the radio and they want me to help them solve crimes!

Summary: Maybe if I stay here by the water, I won’t get sucked up into the radio. Although then I won’t be able to solve all those cool crimes. Hmm….hard one.

Summary: Oh noes, I’m in a love triangle with a baby and a ghost!

Well that was fun. Yep, these teasers only makes me more eager for the drama. This just might have to bump Murim’s School down the list! What do you say? Are you planning on watching Signal?

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  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland January 9, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Yep – planning to simulcast this one, too. It looks really good.

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