JadeFaerie’s Asian Beauty Obsession: Klair’s Sheet Mask Review

Posted by Jade Faerie on January 12, 2016


 Annyeong and Happy New Year!!

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Well, as January speeds right along, I am looking forward to doing reviews on my growing collection of Asian skin care and make-up products—some have been really outstanding while others were an utter waste of money. I am hoping to eventually do a few make-up tutorials, so I can show you how I apply the products. But I’m thinking that I might be super weary of showing of my naked, natural skin (on my face people, LOL) on camera for the world to see. What if T.O.P oppa is like”Noona, Noona, you like!?!”, ohmoomom, what to do?

Penguins in Hanboks

By the way, aren’t these penguins in hanboks super cute?! I felt like, what’s a beauty review without a random cute penguin in a hanbok…

So, I have extremely sensitive, dry and combo skin, which really has a mind of its own. Since I am working my way up the almost 40 ladder, I have noticed the hormonal and environmental change in my skin—which means I have to use a light sunscreen, a great moisturizer, sunimagesglasses and a parasol in the sun—all to keep my pearly white skin its usual vampire-like shade.

I’ve used many different face masks from various Korean cosmetic companies, but I recently used Klair’s Rich Moist Soothing Mask, and it was a win from the start.

While clicking through the abundance of YouTube channels, I became the, Lost-in-YouTube-World type of person—you know how it is—when you go in there looking for GD and T.O.P’s “Zutter” and you end up watching, The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Tutorial!

Well that’s me in a nutshell, a very big nutshell:)

So many of us do this and happen upon the coolest and craziest clips that we could ever hope to view. One of my new, fabulous YouTube finds are the channels, WishTrend and Klair’s. WishTrend, is the web-based Korean store, where I purchased Klair’s Rich Moist Soothing Mask that I’m reviewing today, and some other items—to be talked about another day! (They also have a wonderfully cute YouTube Channel hosted by Eunice, who is a really delightful, witty and cute Korean female, and who goes through so many different products and tutorials.)

In one video about the cotton face masks, I thought—this would be a win-win situation for my dry cheeks and forehead! Since I work as a chef, I’m always in front of anything drying and warm, which causes my skin to get very dry, patchy and sensitive. So I’m always looking for the holy grail of moisturizing face products.


Knowing that I had a banging over-time check coming, I took the plunge and purchased the ‘buy 10 get 1 free’ pack. All the products are shipped from Korea, and they have free shipping after a certain dollar amount is spent. They also have a great story and a section called “Why Wishtrend” (giving explanations to international customers why each product is perfect for you), which I attached a link to and I would highly recommend you to check it out!

The items arrived within a week of my purchase, and I was eager to rip into my package—like a kid on Christmas.

Routinely, I wash my face using my normal, two step routine consisting of a cream cleanser followed by a pore cleansing foaming facial wash. Once I finish this step, I continued with my toner, which consists of Brag’s Apple Cider Vinegar and distilled water. (The toner is a must before any type of facial mask because it removes any impurities from the pores and allows the skin to be prepped for the facial mask.)

When I opened up the package, out came a very soft and extremely well moisturized mask. (Another helpful facial mask tip is to use any left over moisturizer inside the packages and apply it to your neck, arms and hands.)

Then I applied it to my skin and patted lightly under my cheek and forehead area, hoping for a miracle. After a half hour of Running Man, I got up from in front of the monitor, walked to the bathroom, removed my mask and voila, beautiful, dewy skin. Normally after a mask treatment, I allow the essence to soak into my skin for about twenty minutes and then apply my nightly creams. But to my abundant surprise my skin needed no further moisture treatment to ensure an Egyptian-esque nightly slumber.

Klair’s Rich Moist Soothing Mask is a great addition to my already growing collection of Asian skin care finds and it surely lives up to its expectations. Now onto another moisturizer, another lipstick, another Asian beauty find.

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    Oh – I LOVE skin care products, and I’m particularly fond of Korean face masks. So, I’ll have to give this one a try. Thanks for reviewing this product! 🙂

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