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Posted by Stephanie on January 12, 2016



Do you have one of those actors who is so close to your heart-heart, whether it be a bias or just someone you think is a really good actor? If you do, do you also get really disappointed (and possibly a little bitter) when they sign onto a drama or movie you have no interest in watching? Come on, it can’t just be me.


Anyway, my latest case of the “Oh you have to be fudging kidding me”‘s (except I live in New Jersey now so by law I’m required to add in way more expletives) is the unfortunate casting of Jung Kyung Ho opposite Jang Nara in One More Happy Ending.


That sounds mean. It’s not that I completely dislike Jang Nara, I’ve seen her in a couple of things, she’s completely acceptable. Not bad even! There is just something about her acting or presence where I don’t completely buy her characters and the thing is, I like Jung Kyung Ho so much for the very opposite reason. Within every role that I’ve seen him in, I’ve been hugely impressed. He has this ability to sink into and become the character. He’s almost unrecognizable! Right now I’m watching him in Falling For Innocence where he is balancing humor and angst. Then there was his head turning turn as the Doctor’s Son in Heartless City. Another favorite role of his is the laugh out loud almost slapstick movie Fasten Your Seatbelt. In this movie? It actually took me a good while to realize just who he was!

My hesitancy towards Jang Nara is not the only thing which makes  me throw shade on this upcoming drama. Nah, my irritation just starts there. Let’s add Yoo Inna who I really dislike (again, I just have trouble buying her characters) and usually whenever I see her cast in a drama, it’s an automatic no for me. (And seeing the reviews from My Secret Hotel, I’m not missing anything…)

While I’m intrigued by the idea of him playing a single father as this is not something you generally see in a kdrama hero, I think the last one was The Spring Day Of My Life. I wonder why? Do you think it’s because it’s still such a stigma on it? I’ve read the newspapers, I’ve seen the weekend dramas where the girl wants to marry someone who was once married before let alone had a kid, and know that’s not something that goes down well.


While I’m intrigued by that idea, the drama looks to rely heavily on slapstick, which I really dislike in a drama. For some reason I don’t mind it too (eh, too-too) much in a movie, but slapstick dramas? Irritate me. This is why I usually start to like Hong Sister dramas at the halfway point when they drop the slapstick and focus on the characters.

Le Sigh.

So, unless actors are one of those few power actors who like to pick up drama after drama, we usually only get one drama a year from an actor. Then if something goes amiss with that one drama or it’s not something that is your cup of tea? It’s another whole year before we get another chance to watch a drama of theirs. And in the case of younger male actors? We’re working on a limited time frame with that pesky ever-present looming military service. Luckily, Jung Kyung Ho, is 32 (almost age appropriate!) which means he’s served his time and we’ll have those uninterrupted years of fandom.

One More Happy Ending begins on January 20th after the end of Sweet Savage Family.

I ask, has there ever been a casting of someone you really like that made you sit back and go, ‘Oh noes! Expletive.”?

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  • Reply jadefaerie January 12, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Always so funny that Stephanie. I like Yoo Inna and I think she is super cute. But the mousy one from Fated to Love you ugh! Thank goodness Choi Jin Hyuk was in an orange suit. Happy Blogging.

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