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Posted by Stephanie on January 13, 2016


DescendedRaise your hand if you are almost going out of your fangirl head waiting for Descendent of the Sun to finally hit our computers? Come on guys, it can’t just be me. Song Joong Ki? Kim Eun Suk? About a year of anticipating and fanbaiting?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

The wait seems to be even harder now that we are so close for the dramas release. Especially since, of course, as we get closer more of the juicy good stuff is being released, character (finally something to drool over besides that one picture of Song Joong Ki in fatigues) and teasers. Although come on, why are they wasting their time and money on a teaser? This is going to be ‘the’ drama of the year (probably of last year too with all the date push backs). Word of mouth is pretty much all they need here.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not like I’ll say no to this stuff. It’s been a long time dry wait for Song Joong Ki spottings.


This writer yes, is very problematic, however, the one thing she is stellar at is the creation of her characters, and the care that she gives, not just to the main lead couple and the one other person in the triangle, but to all of the side characters. (For example check out her other shows such as City Hall and A Gentleman’s Dignity.) and from the looks it, despite the fact she has a cowriter for this one (the writer from the drama Queen’s Classroom) she hasn’t lost her touch.

In this teaser, we have a couple with an interesting Kdrama power dynamics where the woman outranks the man—which from the looks of it—spells out trouble.

I hope these crazy kids can make it in the end! Usually with Kim Eun Suk’s apparently fandom of happy ever afters for their couples, the chances are pretty high. (I have to say I do like that about her. ) You get a happy ending! And you get a happy ending! And you…. you get the point.

Now we have another official, longer trailer which shows lots of cool slow mo shots of Joong Ki in a military uniform. We give! We give! Uncle! Are you trying to kill us with anticipation? It has action, it has uniforms, it has romance, it has Song Joong Ki in aviator glasses. Gah!

We have one more teaser (anyone else find it weird that, with the delays, with the hype, and with all of these teasers we don’t have an official poster yet?) this one showing another clip, we’ve got an intense scene with our main OTP (please let them be a really good pairing, please, please, please with sugar on top?

I don’t know about you, but I’m on pins and needles waiting for February 24th to come around!


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    CAN’T WAIT!!!

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