Loss of Joon Ki Is A Win For Us

Posted by Stephanie on January 13, 2016


song joong ki running man

Song Joong Ki! Song Joong Ki! Song Joong Ki! With Descended from the Sun right on the horizon (heh, see what I did there?) one of the big wishes for Song Joong Ki fans (or Running Man fans or KwangKi? SooKi? fans) is that he will finally make his triumphant return the program.

As a full on guest that is, not as a lame-o (and yet delightful) drop by. 

We thought we had it in the bag with the upcoming annual big soccer tournament episode in China as he usually pops up there—but news is that this has unfortunately, be postponed. Waaaah!

During filming of his big new drama Song Joong Ki suffered an injury I believe to his leg, so he couldn’t join up for the challenges. This is worrying as, if it’s at least a month later and he’s bowing or of schedules, it had to have been a fairly size-able injury, as we know Korean stars. It’s pretty much the norm for them to be in the hospital one moment and literally on set the same day.

Poor Song Joong Ki!sjkrm

The upside of this though is the fact that he says he’s sad he’s missing out on the fun and promises, once he’s healed, he’ll come back for a real episode.

Yay, Song Joong Ki!

I say for big fans this actually works out better for us—and not just because we want Joong Ki to take all the time he needs to get healed—but that this means the episode can be more focused on him rather than him being one of many. Usually, with those big episodes with lots of guests, the guests tend to blend in together. I hate it when a person I really like signs on and you find out that they are only there for a section, or in the case of Jackson, part of literally 100’s of guests. What’s the point?

Especially in the case of Song Joong Ki when, even when he was a full time member, he had a sad tendency to blend into the background. What I wish is a Joong Ki only episode where he and Kwang Soo are on a team together—and something tells me I’m not alone in this.


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