Xe Does D.O, Part Deux

Posted by Cherry Cordial on January 15, 2016



fanfiction-DO-featureThe continuing saga of Cranky D.O. as told by XE. 

Cherry Cordial: Xe, I need to know what’s going on here? He’s looking too happy and cute.

DO 1

Cherry Cordial: Ack! That’s supposed to animate!

Cherry Cordial:

Source: jonginnation

Source: jonginnation

Cherry Cordial: Much better

Stephanie: GAH! Creepy

Amber Kmuse: hahahaha

Xe: He finally managed to be home when no one else was, and he changed the locks on the doors to his room and the good bathroom. He moved all the gross, crusty body wash, shampoo, and shaving gel to the other bathroom, scrubbed down the good one, and arranged all the men’s skin care products he had hidden under his bed for safekeeping on the nice, clean countertop. He happily admired his crisply folded towels, now with enough space to air dry without getting mildew. He is feeling accomplished and proud, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes because he is sure the others will find a way to ruin his space. Fucking animals, all of them.

Xe: To those of you who don’t know, sometimes I fill in the backstory of D.O’s pictures for Cherry.

Cherry Cordial: That’s a great one!

Xe: It’s been a while.

Stephanie: I heart cranky D.O

Cherry Cordial:

Cherry Cordial: Awkward fanservice.

Cherry Cordial: The whole post is awkward fanservice, in fact.


Amber Kmuse: It’s like his fingers are doing hearts, and his eyes are wishing he was anywhere else.

Cherry Cordial: Exactly.

Xe: “Oh man! Kyungsoo! You threw hearts?! You hate cheesy fanservice. Look at this! Kyungsoo’s giving fingerhearts!”

D.O looked up from the far backseat of the van to figure out what the hell Baekhyun was crowing about from the middle seat. He held Baekhyun’s hand in a tight grip and leaned forward until the phone was a few inches from his nose and he could see. Baekhyun grunted in pain, and D.O released his hand.

Fingerhearts? How naive. Two weeks ago D.O had come home after a long day of filming, only to find that Minho had gotten the bright idea to cook for Suho. He had offered to feed everyone, but they smartly declined, ordered some pizzas, and were camping out in Lay’s room. Minho had no idea what he was doing, which was evident on Suho’s red, pained face. The whole thing would have been grossly adorable had the big, dumb, dog-like man not used all of D.O’s imported artisan mustard and cheese platter in his gross concoction.

Fingerhearts? D.O had spotted Minho across the room. Today was the deadline for payment. It was a warning, pay up or his collection of vintage soccer cleats would meet the garbage disposal.

Fingerhearts? D.O chuckled to himself as a settled back into the back seat and counted his money.

Amber Kmuse: Hahaha, Xe, you crack me up

Xe: 🙂

Cherry: lol, these are the best.

Stephanie: LAUGH I told you I heart cranky D.O

Cherry Cordial:

Source: dokynsoo

Source: dokynsoo

Xe: So Hyun spoke of the kind people they met filming in the countryside, the stunning beach, and the beauty of first love. D.O could listen to his beautiful costar talk all day…

“Tell us about the kiss.” The oaf of a reporter cut her off, again. “This was your first film kiss was it not, Kyungsoo?”

The chuckle and condescending tone sealed the deal. The blind item had been easy to write and sneak to Dispatch. Popular, married reporter found soliciting young women in his dressing room and running an underground market for prescription painkillers and viagra.

Cherry Cordial: I *knew* he was looking a little vindictive there!

Stephanie: another another!

Cherry Cordial: Okay, okay, I’ve got another loaded up right now. Hold yer horses.

Xe: I have to do actual work at some point too

Stephanie: eh. That’s what tomorrow is for.

Amber Kmuse: Work is overrated.

Cherry Cordial:

Source: kyvngsoo

Source: kyvngsoo

Xe: DO sat across from Super Junior’s Heechul, sweat pouring from his head. Most interviews were puppets, easily manipulated and dumb. Heechul was different. Not only was he a big senior, but he noticed everything and collected secrets. More than a few times, Heechul had been waiting outside the door as D.O stormed or snuck out of a dressing room.

“Listen kid…” Heechul leaned in…

“Deal.” D.O responded with a firm handshake and a smile. The members of EXO and SHINee, who had been watching smugly from the side of the room, eager to see DO meet his match, cringed in defeat as D.O fixed them with an evil, victorious smile.

Cherry Cordial: Ooh! A deal with Heechul! I wonder what evilness they could get up to if they combine forces?

Xe: Heh, it’s like tumblr knows we’re doing this.


Cherry Cordial: Heh, I saw that one. He looks so innocent as he pulls the middle bottle out and knocks the whole thing down.

Amber Kmuse: Loved the Heechul/D.O story.

Cherry Cordial: Yeah, now I keep wondering what their deal is.

Xe: 😈

Cherry Cordial: Heh, yep I just know it’s not gonna be good for the EXO and SHINee guys.

Cherry Cordial:

Source: porokrong

Source: porokrong

Xe: Kyungsoo felt the scorpion on his back, “Nightcall” rang in his ears. He looked out of the windshield at Baekhyun, Chen, and Sehun. It was just supposed to be a job, get it, get out, get paid. The bat was in the backseat. He was putting an end to it here and now. He flexed his fingers over the steering wheel, feeling the stretch of the leather gloves. He steeled himself and revved the engine…

“Kyung Soo, come on, the movie’s about to start.” Chanyeol opened the door to the promo car that sat in the lobby of the movie theatre. D.O slumped in the seat and sighed.

Cherry Cordial: Hah! He was getting sooooo deep into character. Now is he gonna have it in for Chanyeol for interrupting him?

Xe: Nah, he’ll forget about it half way through Star Wars. What he won’t forget is the loud yapping and lightsaber battle Chanyeol and Baekhyun have in the middle of the movie…

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    LOVE this chat. I was in work meetings when it originally happened, but I laughed so hard when I caught up on it. Thank you, Cherry, for finding perfect gifs. Thank you, Xe, for those funny and creative cranky Kyungsoo fan fics!

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