Pirate Reunion

Posted by Stephanie on January 18, 2016



Do you remember laughing your ass off to the movie Pirates last year? I certainly do. This was one of those sold out (except, you now, free) Korean movie nights here in the city. I laughed so hard and enjoyed the show so much that if it had been playing in a regular theater, I would have done that thing I ashamedly did when I really liked a movie when I lived in a place where movies weren’t so darn exepensive—left the theater, bought another ticket, and turned around and watched again.

So if you lied the movie like I liked the movie, you’ll be very excited for this news.

Pirates is coming back for a round two!

When I saw that news, I admittedly did the fangirl gasp. Yay! These characters were so much fun, and it was left in a place where everything wasn’t tired up in such a neat bow where I think they could easily write another without much of a leap in logic. Pirates and bandits trying to work together in a bumbling newly forming society? Getting a chance to see if the leader of the bandits would finally win the heart of the queen of the pirates? Sign me up!

Then realism sets in. How many times have we experienced a take two being not as good and then tainting what we liked about the first one? There is a very real chance that this could be one of those times. What was so good about the first one was the fish out of water hijinks of the bumbling bandits trying to match up with the pirates. Unless they pick the story up exactly where they left off, would this still be a possibility? Or, is it possible that when it looked like they were sailing off into the sunset, the pirate queen was actually preparing to dump him and his group off at the nearest landfall? Then the second story could be them bumping back into each other.


Then there is also the very important information that the lead actress, you know, the very important Pirate queen is actually pregnant right now, And after her first pregnancy unfortunately ended in a miscarriage, something tells me she is not going to be looking to partake in some grueling swashbuckling. And probably wouldn’t be excited to get right back into filming post baby either.

I don’t want to see this movie with a new pirate queen, do you?

So, I guess we’ll see what happens as time goes on. I’ll try to withhold my fangirling until we have more information. I just hope we don’t have to file this under things we wished never happened.


  • Reply shocked July 19, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Son Ye Jin, the lead actress, was pregnant?! Since when??

    • Reply Stephanie July 31, 2017 at 11:22 pm

      I think she’s actually now pregnant with anther one….

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