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Posted by Stephanie on January 19, 2016



So remember a while back when I was bemoaning my mind trickery that was the new OCN drama written by the Bad Guys and Vampire Prosecutor team? Remember when we (okay, me) was all “What? You mean this isn’t the coolest crossover drama ever?” then we stormed out of the room thinking of all the hotness that would be the psycho killer, mobster, contract killer and vampire was wasted on what was instead a new drama on tax fraud?

Yeah. I do, too. 

We should have put more trust into the team over there at OCN, shouldn’t we? (And again, by we, it’s probably just me, right?) New information on the drama just came out and made me go, heck yeah!

No, it’s not the possible casting of Seo In Guk that has me excited. While I like him, I’ve never quite forgiven him for being in association with the hate mail I got over the Ultimate Khottie battle last year. Sorry, Seo In Guk, I know it’s not you in particular, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. You get followed by mean crazy, and the smell will stick.

Nor is it the possible casting of Sooyoung that has made me give the show a good ‘hello there’, although, while I had issues with the drama, I found her delightful in Spring Days of My Life and still hold that she is the Korean Mandy Moore.


(Right? Now that I said it you totally agree?) While she is an idol, she is a fairly decent actress with a pretty good range of emotion.

Nope. None of those things.

While yes, the premise is about tax fraud, think more White Collar than H&RBlock. Come on, how much fun was White Collar?white collar

(Although granted I only watched the first season, but that was all me, not the fault of the drama itself.) Slick attitude-y  con man sprung from jail to catch those rich jerks who, in other dramas, are usually above the law in fast paced con man-y ways? There is a very good chance that this drama is going to be one big caper movie?

Now that has me excited.

As Police Unit 38 is being preproduced and isn’t slated for air until May, and, you know, haven’t officially cast anyone yet, I’m sure lots of things can happen to tip the drama to one side or the other. Heck, they could lose Sooyoung and sign on the show ruiner from Bridal Mask, Doctor Stranger, and any other show she was on. That would certainly turn my “Heck yeah, why isn’t this show on tomorrow?”

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