New Baby = Adorable?

Posted by Stephanie on January 19, 2016


return of superman eugene

First preview of the Eugene/Ki Tae Young family on Return of Superman is out and, as expected, it is freaking adorable! Now, I haven’t watched this show since Tablo left (if I’m entirely honest, I may have skipped out before then) but now…

Well, you check out the teaser

Come on, isn’t that the most adorable thing in the world? It might be enough to actually get me to start watching this show again. Although, then I’d have to watch the rest of the show. You know what? I’d pay good imaginary money to see a show just on this couple. Wouldn’t you? Come on, enough imaginary money and we could really get this thing started!

I’ve always been a fan of this couple, and seeing this little snipped into their real life (even if its a fake real life) is something I really look forward to.

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