Technicians 2: Tech Harder

Posted by Stephanie on January 20, 2016


technicians 2

So, you know how just the other day I heard the news about the Pirates II movie I was all “What? No way!” complete with a little fangirl squeee. Now today, when I heard the news about Technicians II and I was all, “What? No Way!” complete with full on stink face. 

This news is odd timing considering that Cherry and were just discussing what a disappointment this movie was to us on the podcast. Nope, we’re not snobs, I in particular heart me a good caper flick. Therein lies the rub though, a good caper flick. Technicians, despite the smarmy power of Woo Bin’s perfectly sculpted eyebrow, was poorly written and pretty much a waste of a concept and some actors.

Due to this, it’s actually a bit of a surprise that they decided to go forward with a second round. Although Woo Bin was in it so I’m guessing it had to have done fairly well until word came out on that plot. Upside? Maybe they decided they needed another round! Maybe they realized that they could have done better and wanted another go and they had the money and the buzz to be able to get that shot.

Here’s the thing though, technically they don’t actually have Woo Bin and the rest of the cast signed on yet. Could they do this again without the original crew? Well, I mean they could, but should they? They could, but then is it really The Technicians? Dude. Then just do the same thing but call it something else? Take out all three characters and then you have a completely different movie. It might still be a caper, but it’s a different flick.

I’ll climb off that soap box now.


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