It’s Almost Signal Time

Posted by Stephanie on January 22, 2016


Signal 2

Very excited here! The premier of the new drama Signal, is upon us. Although, the first episode premiered on 1/22, so didn’t that mean it already happened? That tonight is episode 2? Then I guess on our end now becomes that time. The time to wait for subs.

Le Sigh. 

The producers of the drama decided to put out a long teaser, although the term teaser for something so long seems wrong, sneak peek? Introduction? Taunting?

I’m going to copy it in here for you, but since the drama is right here and I want to go in blind, or more to the case, I don’t want to have any random thing make me change my mind last minute about wanting to watch it (come on, you know how mercurial I can be, this is no exaggeration), I’ve decided not to watch the teaser/sneakpeek/introduction/possibleinterestruiner.

But here it is for you.

I think DramaFever has the exclusive rights on this drama, so in a few days (le sigh) I’ll be able to watch it there. And in case you didn’t know, as soon as we do watch, Jacqueline and I are going to do be doing another round of drama chats! Despite the bummer The Village turned out to be, we had fun talking about the weeks episodes, so we’re going to give it another go. Although—if after this the drama turns out to bad like the Village, I’ve decided there is a chance our united powers are jinxing the drama we watch, in which case, for kdrama fans everywhere, we’ll give it up.

So after the episodes become available be on the look out for our posts and we hope you join us in the chat!

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